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Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Spring Has Sprung!

This week we had to decide between Spring cleaning (yawn) or Spring parties (woohoo), so we decided to have some fun, take on party tips, and leave the cleaning for the hired help!

Go Old Spool!

Add interest and a touch a fun to your next table-scape with this great idea. Try elevating serving dishes and platters using stacks of brightly colored ribbon. Stack three or four spools from largest at the bottom to the smallest at top. Try using glass plates to help show off this bright spring tip!

Save The Stamps!

Save your stamps and your guests the hassle of keeping track of paper invitations. Send them online directly to their cell phone using the website These digital invites can be saved to their cell phone's calender. You can event add festive songs and video too!

How Much Is Enough?

Hors d'oeuvres: Plan on people eating between 4 to 8 if your cheap and not serving dessert after the meal. If you decide to be Daddy Warbucks and splurge on dessert, then plan on about 4 per person.

Drinks (the stronger the better): Plan on 3 to 4 drinks in a 2 to 3 hour time frame, that is, of course, if you aren't attending a kegger at your local frat house!

Glasses: Plan on approximately 3 to 4 glasses per person. People get lazy or just too drunk and loose track of where they put their damn glass! You can imagine you could spend all night washing glasses or you can come up with some creative ways for each of your guests to identify his or her glass. For example, hand each person a sticker as they arrive and ask them to stick it on their glass.

Ice: Plan on 1 pound per person. You'll need keep bottles chilled and guest will need it in their glasses.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Is Your Gloss A Loss?

Lip gloss is notorious for disappearing quicker than an appletini on a Friday night! What can you do to keep it from wiping away so quickly? Try applying two coats. Apply the first coat and blot if off. Then apply a second generous coat. The first coat will color your lips; the second will seal the deal!

Thrift-Store Couture!

How is a label-whore to survive this tough economy? Just because the economy is plunging it doesn't mean your neckline can't! Try browsing the racks at your local thrift-store for some great deals. Just follow our tips:

1.) Set a limit of $10 or $20. You would be surprised at how much that can get you!

2.) Try shopping on a Monday. The most donations are recieved over the weekend and the staff does not have time to put it all out on the sales floor.

3.) Look at the label, not neccessarily for the name (whore!); but the crisper the label the less often the garment has been worn.

4.) Try shopping at stores near colleges. As the school year draws to a close students begin shedding their belongs to make the load lighter on their journies home. Many times these items are current, barely used, and in great condition!

5.) If your looking for furniture or linens, remember to bring along a tape measure to ensure that these items are the correct size.

Happy Shopping!

What's in the freezer peas, carrots, cashmere?

With the long cold winter coming to end, I am sure you are losing sleep over where you are going to store your priceless, cashmere sweaters. No, I am I alone in this? Try your freezer and no, I am not crazy; I swear! Your cashmere goodies looks like a Thanksgiving Day feast to wool-munching pests like moths. Try placing your sweaters in a zip-top, freezer bag wrapped in cotton batting to absorb any excess moisture. The Arctic conditions will kill off any harmful munchers and keep your sweater fresh!

Pop a Button?

Have you ever been out to dinner or running errands when a button pops off your pants or shirt? We have a wonderful easy fix that will have you back in action quicker than ever. Try peeling away the paper from a twist tie and insert the wire into the button holes and through the fabric; twist away! If you can't find twist ties, try keeping a small spool of thin floral wire in your purse or murse; it'll also do the trick.