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Monday, May 24, 2010

::Dad's Day Gift Ideas 2010::

Are you ready for June 20th? What is happening on June 20th you might be asking yourself? Well, none other than Father's Day 2010, but don't panic. We have some wonderfully creative ideas that your father will love and cherish for years to come no matter how young or old you might be! (They are also dirt cheap and they are personal too.)

1) Remember those lazy summer days you spent fishing with your father? What matters the most (besides you) to your dad? His car? Playing cards? In the end it all comes down to those moments that you and your father bonded over. You are never too old to make "coupons" to recreate that magic. For example, you could create a coupon for a day's fishing together or for playing 4 games of cribbage. It could be a promise to go to the car show together or help out with projects around the yard. Whatever it is, it will rekindle that great father/child relationship.

2) Does your father always seem to be jotting things down on random scraps of paper? The backs of junk mail, paper napkins, etc. If your answer is yes, why not create a "Dad Pad"? (Dad Pad is a copyrighted name created by Celebrate The Date and it's subsidiaries, illegal use without permission is punishable by law) This is how you make one. It can be either formal or casual. For a formal pad, print your father's name, contact information, and family crest on a plain piece of paper equivalent to the size you would like the pad. For a casual pad, perhaps jot down a memorable quote your father used frequently or if you have a child some kid art would do the trick. Bring this to a printer (think Staples or Kinko's) and for as little as $0.50 each you can have a pad created.

3) Does your dad make a mean rack of ribs? Killer rib eye steaks? Succulent chicken on the barbie? Create a personalized recipe box for him. Go to your local craft store and purchase an unfinished recipe box for less then $5.00. Next, decorate the box as you see fit. Fill it with an array of mouth-watering recipes. This will be a guaranteed invitation for a free feast!

4) Does you father love lounging around in his favorite t-shirt on the weekend? Why not create a unique, one-of-kind t-shirt just for him. First, go to your local craft store such as Michael's and pick up a darker colored t-shirt. Wash and dry it to help with shrinkage and to eliminate sizing. Next, slide a non-porous barrier between the the front and back of the shirt. Our design studio has found that a large cutting board works well and gives a sturdy work surface. This is a great place to showcase your children's artwork! Create a simple design comprised of dots and lines avoiding large solid sections using sewing/hem chalk. Next, in a well ventilated area outline your chalk design with a Clorox Bleach Pen. We have found that shaking it before use helps to ensure a steady flow. Let the bleach sit until the color has changed. Depending on the color and quality of the shirt this can take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours. Wash the shirt once again by itself to remove any remaining chalk dust and voila, a custom-designed negative print classic he'll be proud to wear.