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Saturday, December 13, 2008

Put a clamp on it!

This is a great idea for using clip clothespin this holiday season! Glue scraps of gift wrap to the front and back surfaces of the pin and let dry. When ready, you can add your person touches such as beads or themed wooden cutouts. Use these now festive clips to secure the tops of those unruly gift bags and to attach the gift tags. The possibilities are endless! Have fun with this one!

Hot Trend: Mini Wreaths!

Want to thank your guests for making the season bright? Give each of them a simple-to-make yet elegant mini-wreath! For a circular wreath you visit your local craft store to find an assortment of small grape vine or foam bases, or you can cut your own pattern such as a star out of heavy card board or foam board. Once you have your base the possibilities are endless! You can use heavy gauge chenille or other funky yarn to wrap the form and then decorate with your own personal touches. Other options you might try are covering the form with berries, eucalyptus leaves, or even bird seed! These small wreaths can be hung on interior doors, looped over door knobs, used as a candle surround, or even placed outside in a sheltered area depending on the base and purpose.

Hot Trend: Metallics!

Transform branches into a unique holiday centerpiece by spray painting them with metallic silver or gold which you can purchase almost anywhere that sells crafts or paints. Arrange the branches into a festive vessel of your choice and decorate with either small personal ornaments or minature glass bulbs!

Hot Trend: Dessert Only Party!

On a tight budget this holiday season but still want to host a get-together? Try hosting a dessert-only party. This hot trend brings together sweet treats and good friends. Focusing on sweet treats will keep the cost down but still impress your friends thanks the wide assortment of options. Not a pastry chef? No worries! Create one item using a store bought mix and ask your friends to bring their favorite sugary guilty pleasure to share!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Great Idea This Holiday Season!

When writing your holiday cards don't forget the wonderful men and women in our armed forces who have sacraficed so much this holiday season. Consider sending a card to:

A Recovering American Soldier

C/O Walter Reed Army Medical Center

6900 Georgia Ave, NW

Washington, D.C. 20307-5001

Color Scheme? What's Your Theme?

A theme is a must in order to focus the planning of your next event. A theme can be a simple as a color scheme or complex as recreating a time period but it doesn't have to be hard. The theme will help to guide every decision you make from food to table decor to the general mood of the space. Soon your party will be planning itself!

For example, your favorite color is pink so you decide to invite your girlfriends over for a Pink Cosmo night! Visit your local liquor store for all the Cosmo essentials: vodka, triple sec, cranberry juice,and lime juice! All your food should have a touch of pink as well. Try pink candied popcorn, a pink cupcake tower, or even add a few drops of red food coloring into white chocolate for strawberry dipping. Following your theme purchase all pink table decor including cups, napkins, and plates. For festive fun sprinkle pink flower petals down the center of the table!

Your theme may next lead you to a chick flick like Sex and The City or go retro with a Marilyn Monroe comedy or even The Pink Panther! You might even play Truth or Dare to see who blushes pink!

Look at how easy it is to whip up a theme party that your guests feel special and the occasion memorable. And you thought it would be hard!

Don't Let Candles Be A Drip At Your Next Party!

Soak your new candles overnight in a mixture of 1 tablespoon salt to 2 cups water. The salt reacts with the wax making it drip less! Your candles will last so much longer and you wont have to worry about staining and ruining your table decor.