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Sunday, January 5, 2014

Unconventional Wine Racks

Before you start this project, take a look around your home and decide what style of wine rack will accent your decor the best!  Often the first idea many of us think about when considering building an unconventional wine rack is to somehow gather a bunch of PVC piping together in some fashion using glue or screws.  This idea is wonderful but instead of just joining four tubes together in a square shape, give stab at something more artistic!  See the picture below!  The following ideas we have assembled take a more unexpected course!

1) If you would like to go for the PVC pipe look but want to try other materials, give these a try: black sub-pump lining, shiny aluminum duct, or coffee can with both ends removed.  You can gather these tubes together using airplane cable, large belt, rope, etc.

2) You could create a more organic wine holder by assembling terracotta chimney liners, bricks, or cinder blocks into a unique order!

3) Create a sling or hammock!  Use fabric such as canvas or duck cloth to create pockets in which bottles can be nestled.  You could also do this with belts!

4) Use wood! Find the space you would like to hang a wine rack in and determine whether you will need a 8-12 inch width board (the length of the board will be determined by your space).  Next, purchase several large hose clamps and gather several large coffee cans or soup cans (with both ends removed).  Draw parallel lines in several places along the length of board (approximately 6-8 inches apart). Screw the hose clamps (two at a time) to the board at each end of the parallel lines.  Secure the clamps around the cans and voila!  A vertical wine holder!   You can also drill smaller holes into a plank and stick the necks of the bottles in these smaller holes.

5) Try Tinker Toys or Legos for a fun, whimsical look!

6) A leather or canvas firewood carrier hung from the ceiling with chain or a sturdy pipe or rod could be slid through the handles.

7 ) A sturdy, in and out style mailbox/paper organizer.  Be sure the one you select can bear the weight of several wine bottles.  Check junk stores or antique shops for sturdy metal or wood ones.

8) A spare drawer will work!  Have an extra drawer in your kitchen or buffet (or ANYWHERE)?  Line it with foam and slip some wine bottles in it.

9) A wooden crate, antique or from the local craft store!  Paint, decorate, and divide!

10) Try an antique metal pail! Stencil, design, and voila!

Check out some pictures  of other great ideas below!