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Monday, April 12, 2010


Here are ten favors that you would love to receive next time you go to a wedding!

1.) A tree seedling or perennial bulbs- This favor keeps on giving throughout the rest of your life (and perhaps your children's).
2.)Colorful salsa bowl and salsa recipe- This favor will help spice up future get togethers you will share with friends and family.
3.)A eye-catching wine, cocktail glass, or cocktail shaker with exotic recipes attached- This will help you celebrate many of life's special occasions.
4.)Luggage Tags- This favor will be the perfect companion as you criss-cross the globe!
5.)Homemade liquid or bar of hand soap and an accompanying instruction-Keep your hands and unmentionable parts clean and learn a great new craft too!
6.)Margarita glasses with three favorite recipes to try- This favor will help you to forget all the tacky, bad favors you have received in the past.
7.) "Green" Reusable Canvas Shopping Bag- This favor will help keep Mother Earth healthy for a long time to come.
8.)A cutting board with an accompanying spreader/cheese knife- This favor has a multitude of uses when entertaining!
9.)A small birdhouse-This favor can be used decoratively inside or outside in the garden. You can even hide your house key in it!
10.)A deck of cards and a Hoyle's Rules Book- Perfect for your next poker game or killing time at the airport!