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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

::Announcing Celebrate's First Annual "Thinking Outside The Box Rocks" Challenge::

The gauntlet has been thrown, the ribbon cut, the starter pistol fired on our first annual "Thinking Outside The Box Rocks" challenge! With Spring on our doorsteps we dare you to be creative and look at everyday items around your home in a new and different light! For example, using a wine rack as a funky magazine holder.

The challenge is as follows: Pretend all your vases, glasses, and jelly jars are broken and you have company coming over in one hour. What will you do with the lovely bouquet of spring daffodils you picked up on your way home from the market? The only rule is you can't throw them out (especially in this economy) and they must be displayed on your table scape! The winner will win a one-of-a-kind, limited edition, piece of home decor created by our very own Conchita! (::APPLAUSE::)

Submit a picture or sketch of your creation to:

The Celebrate!!! Staff will view all entries submitted and select a winner on May 1st!!!

Good luck and remember thinking outside the box rocks!

Monday, March 8, 2010

:::Spring Cleaning: Glassware and Flatware:::

Here are a few great tips we have found in our travels!

-If you have hard water and you get those darn spots all over your glassware, just polish them with a dampened clothe which has been sprinkled with salt! The salt acts as an abrasive and helps to remove the stubborn spots.

-Take your stainless steel cutlery in club soda! It makes rubbing away stains and streaks a breeze. Once you are done, just rinse with warm water and they'll shine like shooting stars!

:::Spring Cleaning 2010: Linens:::

Fight tough stains on your table linens with this great, green idea!

Place a towel under the soiled portion of the linen. Squeeze the juice of two lemons over the area. Once the stain is saturated with lemon juice, sprinkle one teaspoon of salt on it and gently rub! Let this sit for 45 minutes and go watch your "program" or organize your underwear drawer! After the last commercial break (or after 45 minutes which ever comes first), rinse the stain with vinegar and follow that with some warm water. Tada! The stain will have disappeared.

:::Spring Cleaning 2010: Cutting Boards:::

Take your pick at the greenest ways to disinfect your wooden cutting boards without the use of harsh chemicals!

-VINEGAR! Rub white vinegar over your board using a clean kitchen towel or kitchen sponge. Vinegar destroys bacteria on contact!

-LEMON! Cut a lemon in half and rub it vigorously over the surface of the cutting board. The citric acid, like the vinegar, kills germs but leaves your cutting board smelling lovely!

-SALT! Sprinkle liberally or pour salt over the surface. Pour some hot water over the salt and scrub it into any stains. Soon the board will spot and odor free!