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Monday, December 20, 2010


From our family to yours!

Create Your Own Snow Globe

Try this quick and simple idea to make your own personalized snow globes at home!

1.) Pick out a jar with a screw top.

2.) Take the lid and sand the inside so that glue will stick.

3.) Glue a figurine or whatever else fits to the inside of the lid. Set aside and let it completely dry.

4.) Fill the jar almost to the top with distilled water, a pinch (or more) of glitter, and a few drops of glycerin (available a drugstores).

5.) Apply a ring of glue to the mouth of the jar and screw the lid on tightly. Let dry completely.

6.) Turn over and voila! A snow globe!

Fast Festive Napkin Rings

Here are two ideas to add a little holiday cheer to your cloth napkins.

1.) Slide your napkins thru holiday cookie cutters.

2.) Glue minature ornaments to wide velvet ribbon and create a loop (glue the ends of the ribbon together) to slip your napkin thru.

After the holidays, you can store your napkin rings on an empty cardboard paper towel tube!

::Sugared Fruit Feast::

Add a festive touch to your holiday tablescape with fabulous sugared fruit! Here's how:

1. Gather small pieces of fruit, such as Seckel pears, lady apples, and grapes.

2. Prepare powdered egg whites according to the package's directions. Brush apples and pears with whites and roll in course sanding sugar; shake off excess. Let dry on parchment-covered sheet pans for 3 hours. Store at room temperature in a non-humid environment for up to 24 hours.

Holiday Centerpiece Idea

Here is a great idea for a quick and festive holiday centerpiece with items you have lying around the house. Collect a few glass vessels. We used a small cylindrical vase, an over sized martini glass, and an unused trifle bowl. Next we gathered up all the left over glass Christmas balls that didn't make it on the tree. Next, we filled each of the vessels with ornaments. Finally, we arranged the trio on a circular silver place mat to add a modern touch. See what you have laying around the house and have fun being creative!

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

::Cylinder Centerpiece Spectacular::

A large glass cylinder is a centerpiece staple! If you do not already own one, put down your laptop, grab your car keys, and go buy one now. We'll still be here when you get back! The beauty of a glass cylinder is it can accommodate any occasion with just a little creativity. Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving!

1.) Place a large pillar candle in the center of your cylinder. Next, fill the negative space half way with cranberries and acorns.

2.) Place a large pillar candle in the center of your cylinder. Next, arrange small ears of Indian corn around the lower exterior of cylinder and secure with raffia. You might need the assistance of something sticky or an extra pair of hands.

3.) Place a large pillar candle in the center of your cylinder. Next, gather up some leaves (real if you still have them or silk works too). Attach leaves with a water soluble glue. Finish the look by wrapping the cylinder with some gold cording.

Use your imagination and your options are limitless! Submit your creative ideas!

::Instant Holiday Bliss In a Sauce Pan::

People go out and spend a ton of money on scented oils, candles, and reed diffusers when all you really have to do is simmer some goodies purchases at your local grocers. Before your holiday guests arrive, grab a small sauce pan and fill it about half way with water and bring to a simmer. Next, toss in a couple of cinnamon sticks, citrus peels (orange or lemon work best), and a few cloves. In a short time your dwelling will smell like a ginger bread house!

::More Bathroom Beautiful::

In one of our last posting we helped you organize your medicine cabinet, now here are two fabulous ideas to get your bathroom counter in order. Is your counter cluttered with make brushes and other beauty tools? Here's a great idea! Purchase a magnetic knife block/strip and mount it above your vanity. Next, glue small magnets to the backs of your various beauty tools such as blush brushes, eye lash curlers, and eye brow tweezers. Voila, everything you need at your finger tips!

Hate the look of that store-bought mouthwash bottle sitting on your vanity? How about pouring your mouthwash into an attractive decanter or glass bottle? Instantly you will enjoy gargling so much more!

Monday, November 1, 2010

::Links We Like::

Check out:

This great site gives you a side by side cost and time comparison between doing household projects yourself or hiring a professional. If you decide to do it yourself the site provides great step by step instructions.

Enjoy weekend warriors!

"Nick" Knacks

Have you ever nicked yourself by shaving in a hurry? We have a tested tip that will stop the bloodshed instantly! Next time you get one of these pain in the butt cuts reach for your antiperspirant stick deodorant. Wipe the antiperspirant first to remove all your armpit nastiness and then swab a small amount over the cut. The ingredients in the antiperspirant constrict the blood vessles and stop the bleeding instantly. We have only tested this using antiperspirant in stick form. We wouldn't recommend the spray kind as it may sting but if you do and it works drop us a line.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

BORING BOOTS? Jazz them up with these fun and unique ideas! Go to a craft store and purchase chains, charms, and other embellishments that catch your eye. Next, do a dry run with a temporary adhesive such as tape to get the placement down. Once you have settled on a design that you like, go about attaching the embellishments. The style, design, and quality of the shoes/boots you are using will dictate how you would want to do this. These are some things we learned as we experimented in our design studio in Colchester:

- If the boot is inexpensive and you do not care what happens to it you can secure chains by catching a link of the chain in the tines of a paper fastener. You can then push the fastener through the fabric and open the tines. Voila! A secure chain. These fasteners come in a wide variety of styles and colors.
- If the boots are of better quality you might consider having a cobbler make small "belt" loops to hold up the chain so it doesn't slide over the heel.
- So far the adhesive that is working the best for us is washable fabric glue. Boots get wet but this glue should not be effected by moisture.
-Make sure that your embellishments can withstand the elements since they will be decorating shoes!

We made an unfortunate discovery about the adhesive we suggested to ahere the embellishments to the boots. In cold weather it peeled right off! You have two options to correct this problem. You can investigate special glues that are cold weather safe. We found a Gorilla Glue brand adhesive which is certified to 40 below! The next suggestion would be to design the embellisments like ankle bracelets which can be secured around the boot with lobster claws and loops. Tada boot bling!

Friday, October 1, 2010

::Just For Giggles And Grins::

::Out of The Box Medicine Cabinet Organization::

Here are a few unique organizational ideas that we have come up with for your medicine cabinet.

Kathleen uses an antique ink well she found at a rummage sale to hold Q-Tips! How chic!

I (Michael) use old double shot glasses to organize combs, files, and toothbrushes!

When you get a splinter the last thing you want to do is search for all the supplies to take care of it. You will need a bottle of isopropyl alcohol, a wide rubber band, a needle, and a pair of tweezers. First grab your bottle of alcohol and slide the rubber band over it until you have it at about the center of the bottle. Next, slide the needle between the bottle and the band to hold it in place. Then slide one prong of your tweezers under the rubber band a few inches from the needle. Voila, an instant splinter kit!

::Quick Tip::

Have you ever tried on a friend's ring that caught your eye and then can't get the darn thing off? Don't fret! Skip the dish soap and Vaseline and grab Windex! A friendly sales associate at Kay Jewelers shared this tip with Michael and his husband-to-be!

Here is another great tip for cleaning your bling rings! In a small bowl combine 1 prt ammonia and 3 parts water. Set the rings in and in a few minutes they will be a shiny as the day you stole them from your grandmother! Just kidding!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

::DIY Pashmina Poncho::

Looking for the perfect Fall cover up as the temperatures begin to drop? Our perfect DIY pashmina poncho is just for you! Start by purchasing a large pashmina scarf or other large shawl in your favorite pattern or color. Fold the scarf in have length ways and find the middle along the folded edge. Cut a neck slit that is approximately 12 to 18 inches or big enough to comfortably fit your head through. To prevent this opening from fraying, use washable fabric glue to adhere a ribbon along the inside seam. The possibilities for embellishment are endless. You can apply a variety of appliques to the corners of the neck opening to had a funky touch. For those of your with a more intermediate skill set, try creating the neck slit with a jacket zipper. This would allow you to adjust the size of the opening to vary the look and feel of the poncho. Let your imagination go wild and your wardrobe grow!

::Wrangle Your Bangles::

Here is a quirky idea to organize and display all your favorite chunky bracelets. Purchase a funky counter-top paper towel holder (you could even find one at a yard sale or thrift store too)that catches your eye. Simply place the holder on your dresser and then stack your bangles and cuffs over the center post. Voila! This allows you to show off your unique accessories and find them easily since you to see all of them at once! Enjoy.

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

::Earrings, Earrings, Earrings!::

Have you ever lost the backs to your earrings, especially in the most inopportune times? Many of you have heard of using pencil erasers in a pinch, but here is another one that impressed us nearly as much. Try using a small piece of a wide rubber band. It will do the trick and not be as cumbersome as the traditional pencil eraser.

Always looking for a place to stash your earrings when you are at the gym or spa? Try this handy tip next time to wrangle them. Take off your watch and slide the hooks or posts through the holes in the band and then secure them with the backs. Voila problem solved!

Christmas is 4 months from today! Here is a great gift your can make for your pierced posse. Find a picture frame that appeals to you. Remove the glass and backing leaving just the wooden border. The goal will be to fill the space in the center with a perch to hang your earrings from. Our design studio in Colchester came up with two that were easy and stylish. The first is to take small strips of firring (thin narrow wood) from the local hardware store and cut them to the exact width of the frame opening. Next, secure them in place horizontally with either wood glue or brads. If you would like to you could even notch out spaces for the hooks to settle in. The second way is to string picture hanging wire across the opening. Be sure that the wire is parallel! You can add beads every inch or so (using bead glue to prevent the earrings from sliding) before attaching the wire to the frame. For this one you will want to drill tiny holes along the frame for the wire to slip through and be knotted. Voila! They both look great!

Share your creative earring or jewelry storage idea and you could win our September contest!

::Great Travel Tip::

Have you ever needed to leave a note for housekeeping in your hotel bathroom and didn't know how to get their attention? Try this tip next time you're in this dillema. Write your your note and adhere it to the bathroom mirror with chapstick! Simply turn your note over. Use the chapstick like a gluestick, running it along the top edge of your note. The wax in the chapstick acts like a temporary glue holding the note neatly in place. Now they won't miss your important request for 17 extra towels and a gallon of conditioner!

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

The Great Idea Corner

Try using a bundt cake pan as a vertical roasting pan! Layer root vegetables in the bottom of the pan (or not). Pop that chicken over the center post of the bundt pan. It should be standing breast up at this point. Season the chicken with good quality olive oil, salt, pepper, and a little rosemary (fresh or dried). Place on top of a cookie sheet (with a rim) to catch any drippings and roast at 350 degrees until the meat is no longer pink and the skin is crispy and brown. If it looks as though the top is getting too done, cover loosely with tin foil and remove it shortly before it's done.

::Amazing Factoids::

Most people have heard that left-handedness is a signal of creativity but did you know that 47% of all art students in a university study were left handed! Go figure!

Big head = big brain? True or false? True. People with larger skulls tend to have better memories especially when they age. In a test the people with larger head circumference scored higher then those with average sized heads. Some scientists even believe that the larger the skull the lower the risk of Alzheimer's.

Got a headache and are a ginger? Research has found that natural red heads are more sensitive to cold, typically need 20% more pain medication, and 20% more anesthesia during surgery. Next time you have some aches and pains consider increasing your dosage. (Always consult a doctor before taking any additional medication over the manufacturer's recommended dosage.)

Are you wearing a sweater or is that just your back hair? Odds are that if a guy has a hairy chest he has a higher IQ. MENSA members(those folks with the high IQ's) tend to be much hairier than most folks. Scientists have even found that students with more body hair range higher academically.

Did you know that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger you tend to be more assertive and more likely to take risks than others. This is because of higher Testosterone in the body. Financial traders with longer ring fingers make 6 times more money than their shorter fingered counterparts.

So run to the mirror and we have one question for you. Are you smarter than you thought?

Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Be Back Soon!

Hello Out There!

We will be back next week with many more exciting and intriguing tips and ideas. Keep an eye out for a new contest too! A shout out to last contest winter, Ivanna Youngman of Belchertown, MD! Best wishes and remember to always CELEBRATE!

Kathleen and Michael

::Sticky Situation::

Hello to our 95 visitors!

We were both were away on holiday but are back stronger than ever!

The best tip of the day is if you are going through some old pictures and find a bunch that are stuck together don't throw them away or try to seperate them by hand. Believe it or not you are going to soak them in water! Here's how! Only use this idea on snap shots not anything important like grandma's wedding photos. You will need room temperature distilled water which you can get at the grocery store. Soak them with the image side up for 20 to 30 minutes. Remove them and gently pull apart with your fingers. Set each picture image side up on a stack of paper towels and weight the corners down so they won't curl. Viola! Memories saved! If the picture is stuck to a frame soak both the frame and image photo side up. Give a try on some photos that you might not have the strongest attachment to to get the hang of the technique.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

::Tag Sale Treasures::

Here in the Northeast summer is upon us and that can only mean one thing, yard sale season! All the staff at Celebrate! make a point of cruising the roads and byways around our corporate headquarters in northern Vermont to see what treasures lie in the rolling Green Mountains. Often we buy things not only for ourselves but we often pick up items to re imagine into one-of-a-kind pieces of functional art and sell at our own "artsy" yard sale. Here are some ideas to furnish your apartment or to create marketable items.

For example, here is one of our(Michael's & his partner's)most recent $3 thrift shop purchases we have kept for ourselves!

This mini, retro, chic, entertainment center started it's life as a 70's record cabinet in need of some major TLC. The piece had good bones(make sure your pieces are sturdy) but needed a re imagining. The carmelly, oak finish it began with was worn, scratched, and had to go. We purchased $12 worth of spray primer and spray paint to give it a modern face lift that coordinated with our style. First we gave the piece a light sanding with a low grit sandpaper to take down the varnish and then wiped it clean with a damp rag. Once they were clean we removed the doors from the body of the piece and primed everything! Once, the primer was dry we painted the doors a matte brown and the body a glossy "Mediterranean" blue. Finally, we removed a section of the back of the unit to allow us to pass the cables for our cable box and DVD player. All together this project took a few hours to complete and for a total cost of about $15 we have an entertainment center that has a custom look.

Kathleen frequently picks up sturdy kitchen style chairs for a dollar or two at tag sales. Using acrylic craft paint, she paints them around a theme such as the seaside for example using pastel blues, greens, and pinks to encompass the design. Sometimes she will secure a seashell to each post to romanticize the look. If you are not confident in creating an original design she recommends creating dots, stripes, or other patterns a la Mary Engelbright (Google her, Michael had to). For example, you could paint the rungs red, the back rest white with red polka dots, and the seat could have "sit here" stenciled on it.

Another fun idea that can be done with kitchen style chairs is to look at the negative space between the rungs and back slats. If these spaces are close enough together all sorts of things can be glued between them to add a decorative flare. For example, if you are going to use one of your yard sale finds in your country themed kitchen you could paint your chair cornflower blue. Next, purchase some wooden eggs at your local craft store and paint the eggs a solid color. Then you can speckle them with a coordinating color using a sponge or dab rag. Finally, glue them in a cute row adding loads of charm to your treasure! Remember to always seal your creations with two or three coats of poly-varnish!


Share your creative ideas in the comments section!

Friday, July 9, 2010

::Summer Food Tips::

Even if you be cool, we can make you cooler! Here are a helpful hints that we have gathered to help beat the heat and extend the shelf life of the bounty of fresh produce you will be buying this summer!

1)Your favorite summer beverage getting warm but don't want to water it down with even more ice cubes? Try this colorful and party ready tip I got from a co-worker in the office. Instead of ice cubes, try using frozen fruit such as strawberries, grapes, blueberries, melon balls, etc. Take whatever fruit you have lying around the kitchen, wash and dry it, place it on a cookie sheet, and pop it in the freezer. Once frozen transfer to a plastic bag. Not only will they keep your drink cool but they will taste great as well!

2) Extend the life of fruits and vegetable with a skin with this simple trick. Combine a tablespoon of white vinegar and a dash of salt in a bowl of water. Soak the produce for about a minute. The solution helps to preserve it!

3) Don't forget to freeze over ripe bananas! They can be used many ways from smoothies to ice cream!

4) Revive stale chips, crackers, and cereal with this tip. Place it on a cookie sheet and bake in a 300 degree oven for 3 to 5 minutes. Take out. Cool and store an air tight container. They will be refreshed and last an extra week!

Coming Back Very Soon!

Hello to all our loyal readers. Sorry for the delay in posting. New content will be coming to CELEBRATE! very soon. Keep us bookmarked and check back often. Thank you for sticking with us.

Michael, Kathleen, and all the staff!

Monday, May 24, 2010

::Dad's Day Gift Ideas 2010::

Are you ready for June 20th? What is happening on June 20th you might be asking yourself? Well, none other than Father's Day 2010, but don't panic. We have some wonderfully creative ideas that your father will love and cherish for years to come no matter how young or old you might be! (They are also dirt cheap and they are personal too.)

1) Remember those lazy summer days you spent fishing with your father? What matters the most (besides you) to your dad? His car? Playing cards? In the end it all comes down to those moments that you and your father bonded over. You are never too old to make "coupons" to recreate that magic. For example, you could create a coupon for a day's fishing together or for playing 4 games of cribbage. It could be a promise to go to the car show together or help out with projects around the yard. Whatever it is, it will rekindle that great father/child relationship.

2) Does your father always seem to be jotting things down on random scraps of paper? The backs of junk mail, paper napkins, etc. If your answer is yes, why not create a "Dad Pad"? (Dad Pad is a copyrighted name created by Celebrate The Date and it's subsidiaries, illegal use without permission is punishable by law) This is how you make one. It can be either formal or casual. For a formal pad, print your father's name, contact information, and family crest on a plain piece of paper equivalent to the size you would like the pad. For a casual pad, perhaps jot down a memorable quote your father used frequently or if you have a child some kid art would do the trick. Bring this to a printer (think Staples or Kinko's) and for as little as $0.50 each you can have a pad created.

3) Does your dad make a mean rack of ribs? Killer rib eye steaks? Succulent chicken on the barbie? Create a personalized recipe box for him. Go to your local craft store and purchase an unfinished recipe box for less then $5.00. Next, decorate the box as you see fit. Fill it with an array of mouth-watering recipes. This will be a guaranteed invitation for a free feast!

4) Does you father love lounging around in his favorite t-shirt on the weekend? Why not create a unique, one-of-kind t-shirt just for him. First, go to your local craft store such as Michael's and pick up a darker colored t-shirt. Wash and dry it to help with shrinkage and to eliminate sizing. Next, slide a non-porous barrier between the the front and back of the shirt. Our design studio has found that a large cutting board works well and gives a sturdy work surface. This is a great place to showcase your children's artwork! Create a simple design comprised of dots and lines avoiding large solid sections using sewing/hem chalk. Next, in a well ventilated area outline your chalk design with a Clorox Bleach Pen. We have found that shaking it before use helps to ensure a steady flow. Let the bleach sit until the color has changed. Depending on the color and quality of the shirt this can take anywhere from ten minutes to two hours. Wash the shirt once again by itself to remove any remaining chalk dust and voila, a custom-designed negative print classic he'll be proud to wear.

Monday, April 12, 2010


Here are ten favors that you would love to receive next time you go to a wedding!

1.) A tree seedling or perennial bulbs- This favor keeps on giving throughout the rest of your life (and perhaps your children's).
2.)Colorful salsa bowl and salsa recipe- This favor will help spice up future get togethers you will share with friends and family.
3.)A eye-catching wine, cocktail glass, or cocktail shaker with exotic recipes attached- This will help you celebrate many of life's special occasions.
4.)Luggage Tags- This favor will be the perfect companion as you criss-cross the globe!
5.)Homemade liquid or bar of hand soap and an accompanying instruction-Keep your hands and unmentionable parts clean and learn a great new craft too!
6.)Margarita glasses with three favorite recipes to try- This favor will help you to forget all the tacky, bad favors you have received in the past.
7.) "Green" Reusable Canvas Shopping Bag- This favor will help keep Mother Earth healthy for a long time to come.
8.)A cutting board with an accompanying spreader/cheese knife- This favor has a multitude of uses when entertaining!
9.)A small birdhouse-This favor can be used decoratively inside or outside in the garden. You can even hide your house key in it!
10.)A deck of cards and a Hoyle's Rules Book- Perfect for your next poker game or killing time at the airport!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

::Announcing Celebrate's First Annual "Thinking Outside The Box Rocks" Challenge::

The gauntlet has been thrown, the ribbon cut, the starter pistol fired on our first annual "Thinking Outside The Box Rocks" challenge! With Spring on our doorsteps we dare you to be creative and look at everyday items around your home in a new and different light! For example, using a wine rack as a funky magazine holder.

The challenge is as follows: Pretend all your vases, glasses, and jelly jars are broken and you have company coming over in one hour. What will you do with the lovely bouquet of spring daffodils you picked up on your way home from the market? The only rule is you can't throw them out (especially in this economy) and they must be displayed on your table scape! The winner will win a one-of-a-kind, limited edition, piece of home decor created by our very own Conchita! (::APPLAUSE::)

Submit a picture or sketch of your creation to:

The Celebrate!!! Staff will view all entries submitted and select a winner on May 1st!!!

Good luck and remember thinking outside the box rocks!

Monday, March 8, 2010

:::Spring Cleaning: Glassware and Flatware:::

Here are a few great tips we have found in our travels!

-If you have hard water and you get those darn spots all over your glassware, just polish them with a dampened clothe which has been sprinkled with salt! The salt acts as an abrasive and helps to remove the stubborn spots.

-Take your stainless steel cutlery in club soda! It makes rubbing away stains and streaks a breeze. Once you are done, just rinse with warm water and they'll shine like shooting stars!

:::Spring Cleaning 2010: Linens:::

Fight tough stains on your table linens with this great, green idea!

Place a towel under the soiled portion of the linen. Squeeze the juice of two lemons over the area. Once the stain is saturated with lemon juice, sprinkle one teaspoon of salt on it and gently rub! Let this sit for 45 minutes and go watch your "program" or organize your underwear drawer! After the last commercial break (or after 45 minutes which ever comes first), rinse the stain with vinegar and follow that with some warm water. Tada! The stain will have disappeared.

:::Spring Cleaning 2010: Cutting Boards:::

Take your pick at the greenest ways to disinfect your wooden cutting boards without the use of harsh chemicals!

-VINEGAR! Rub white vinegar over your board using a clean kitchen towel or kitchen sponge. Vinegar destroys bacteria on contact!

-LEMON! Cut a lemon in half and rub it vigorously over the surface of the cutting board. The citric acid, like the vinegar, kills germs but leaves your cutting board smelling lovely!

-SALT! Sprinkle liberally or pour salt over the surface. Pour some hot water over the salt and scrub it into any stains. Soon the board will spot and odor free!

Thursday, February 18, 2010


Here are a few websites that offer information on sale dates and printable coupons!

-On E-Bay:
-On Gas:
-On Groceries:
-On Clothes:

We haven't tried them but we are anxious to. Let us know if you have anymore to add!

::Don't Bleed On My T-Shirt::

We have a great way to help prevent your fresh, brightly-colored garments from bleeding all over your pristine whites! The first time you wash these new cotton, fuschia frocks throw in a tablespoon of salt! The sodium helps to prevent fading and to stabalize the dyes.

Depill Your Sweaters with Sandpaper!!!

WHAT?! Have we gone nuts? No, not at all. The staff at our favorite DIY magazine, ReadyMade tweeted that using a low grit sandpaper is a great way to keep even your finest sweaters pill free. The only thing you need to remember is to go in one direction! We at first were scared stiff by the idea but some independant market research shows it works incredibly well! So put your fears aside and go depill a funnel neck!

Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Write Love Letters 101

Hello Class,

Today we are going to learn the art of writing the perfect love letter. We would like to thank our friends at Every Day with Rachael Ray for this wonderful idea!

During these difficult economic times, why waste your hard earned money of frivolous flowers, cliched chocolate, or jaded jewelery that don't encapsulate your true feelings for your mate? Why not pour your heart out in a touching (and often romantically cheesy) love letter. We are talking about a physical, hand-written letter folks NOT an email or text message. Follow these easy steps and win your lover over this Valentines Day!

1) Brainstorm: Create a list of specific attributes you love about your mate, for example the cute way she snorts when the laugh at your jokes or the way he loves his dog. This list should not resemble something that would read like the information on a driver's license (Exp: He's tall or he has blue eyes). Also, jot down memorable moments you two have shared through the years.

2) Write from The Heart: Use the notes you collected to make an outline. Remember this is not a business letter (unless you're writing this for a prostitute). Write as you speak and make it real. Don't try to speak as though you were Shakespeare if it isn't you! Your partner wants to feel what YOU feel, remember what YOU remember, etc. If you talk like truck driver, leave the four letter expletives out!

3) Make it a Keepsake: Transform your love note into a gift. Use handmade papers; write with a fountain pen, etc. Make the envelope special as well! Try sealing it with wax, emboss your initials on the back flap, or even spritz it with your favorite perfume or cologne. If you don't have an envelope, try rolling it like a scroll and securing it with a ribbon. If you can't find handmade paper try to at least steer clear of pages torn from a notebook, legal pads, or grocery list sheets!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Solving The Shrunken Clothing Blues

Have you ever thrown your favorite cashmere sweater into the dryer and it came out looking like a two fingered mitten? It can down right screw up your day! Try this helpful process to bring your shrunken garments back from the dark side. Add a tablespoon of baby shampoo or hair conditioner to one quart of water. Immerse the shrunken garment. Natural, knit fibers such as wool, cashmere, or cotton work the best, machine or hand washable fabrics alike. While the item is soaking, trace the outline of a similarly sized top or sweater onto craft paper with a permanent marker (LET IT DRY PEOPLE). Remove the clothing from the water and lightly squeeze out any excess. Do not ring it because this could damage the fibers. Begin to gently stretch the fabric to match the pattern. You can use a garment steamer or the steam from an iron to assist you if you are having difficulty. Finally, weigh down the corners with coffee cups or canned goods and let it dry completely. Voila! Your sweater is back in business!

Great Gift Alert!!!

DIY Coffee Table Books by (

If you can take digital pictures and navigate a simple website you can create a gorgeous custom coffee table book that won't break the bank! You can choose from over 10 different book styles and 200 page layouts.

The possible uses are endless! Start thinking now and plan ahead. These books can make great wedding presents, graduation gifts, retirement memories, holiday gifts, and any other touching memories you would love to capture and keep forever. Set your scrap booking aside for a few days and create something your friends and family will think you purchased at Barnes & Noble!