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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

::Cylinder Centerpiece Spectacular::

A large glass cylinder is a centerpiece staple! If you do not already own one, put down your laptop, grab your car keys, and go buy one now. We'll still be here when you get back! The beauty of a glass cylinder is it can accommodate any occasion with just a little creativity. Here are some ideas for Thanksgiving!

1.) Place a large pillar candle in the center of your cylinder. Next, fill the negative space half way with cranberries and acorns.

2.) Place a large pillar candle in the center of your cylinder. Next, arrange small ears of Indian corn around the lower exterior of cylinder and secure with raffia. You might need the assistance of something sticky or an extra pair of hands.

3.) Place a large pillar candle in the center of your cylinder. Next, gather up some leaves (real if you still have them or silk works too). Attach leaves with a water soluble glue. Finish the look by wrapping the cylinder with some gold cording.

Use your imagination and your options are limitless! Submit your creative ideas!

::Instant Holiday Bliss In a Sauce Pan::

People go out and spend a ton of money on scented oils, candles, and reed diffusers when all you really have to do is simmer some goodies purchases at your local grocers. Before your holiday guests arrive, grab a small sauce pan and fill it about half way with water and bring to a simmer. Next, toss in a couple of cinnamon sticks, citrus peels (orange or lemon work best), and a few cloves. In a short time your dwelling will smell like a ginger bread house!

::More Bathroom Beautiful::

In one of our last posting we helped you organize your medicine cabinet, now here are two fabulous ideas to get your bathroom counter in order. Is your counter cluttered with make brushes and other beauty tools? Here's a great idea! Purchase a magnetic knife block/strip and mount it above your vanity. Next, glue small magnets to the backs of your various beauty tools such as blush brushes, eye lash curlers, and eye brow tweezers. Voila, everything you need at your finger tips!

Hate the look of that store-bought mouthwash bottle sitting on your vanity? How about pouring your mouthwash into an attractive decanter or glass bottle? Instantly you will enjoy gargling so much more!

Monday, November 1, 2010

::Links We Like::

Check out:

This great site gives you a side by side cost and time comparison between doing household projects yourself or hiring a professional. If you decide to do it yourself the site provides great step by step instructions.

Enjoy weekend warriors!

"Nick" Knacks

Have you ever nicked yourself by shaving in a hurry? We have a tested tip that will stop the bloodshed instantly! Next time you get one of these pain in the butt cuts reach for your antiperspirant stick deodorant. Wipe the antiperspirant first to remove all your armpit nastiness and then swab a small amount over the cut. The ingredients in the antiperspirant constrict the blood vessles and stop the bleeding instantly. We have only tested this using antiperspirant in stick form. We wouldn't recommend the spray kind as it may sting but if you do and it works drop us a line.

These Boots Are Made For Walkin'...

BORING BOOTS? Jazz them up with these fun and unique ideas! Go to a craft store and purchase chains, charms, and other embellishments that catch your eye. Next, do a dry run with a temporary adhesive such as tape to get the placement down. Once you have settled on a design that you like, go about attaching the embellishments. The style, design, and quality of the shoes/boots you are using will dictate how you would want to do this. These are some things we learned as we experimented in our design studio in Colchester:

- If the boot is inexpensive and you do not care what happens to it you can secure chains by catching a link of the chain in the tines of a paper fastener. You can then push the fastener through the fabric and open the tines. Voila! A secure chain. These fasteners come in a wide variety of styles and colors.
- If the boots are of better quality you might consider having a cobbler make small "belt" loops to hold up the chain so it doesn't slide over the heel.
- So far the adhesive that is working the best for us is washable fabric glue. Boots get wet but this glue should not be effected by moisture.
-Make sure that your embellishments can withstand the elements since they will be decorating shoes!

We made an unfortunate discovery about the adhesive we suggested to ahere the embellishments to the boots. In cold weather it peeled right off! You have two options to correct this problem. You can investigate special glues that are cold weather safe. We found a Gorilla Glue brand adhesive which is certified to 40 below! The next suggestion would be to design the embellisments like ankle bracelets which can be secured around the boot with lobster claws and loops. Tada boot bling!