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Thursday, December 15, 2011


We are sure you have been using cooking spray like it's going out of style this holiday season making all those yummy treats!  Here are several unique alternate uses for cooking spray that we, Connie, and the rest of the design staff have complied!

-Shred Cheese in a Breeze: Before you use your cheese grater, spray it was non-stick cooking spray to prevent chunks forming and for easy clean up.  It's Gouda!

-Move That Honey Like A Bunny: Spray the inside of your measuring cups or spoons when you are measuring sticking liquids such as honey, molasses, corn syrup, Maple syrup, etc.

-Shovel With Out Trouble: We all know that we are going to have loads of snow to shovel soon.  Make it easier by spraying your shovel with cooking spray. Sticky snow and ice will slide right off! Connie always says "When snow starts to stick, make your shovel slick!" 

- Finger Food Freedom: The next time you are making a meatloaf, rolling cookie dough into balls, or making popcorn balls.  Spritz your hands with cooking spray; Connie also says "You're fingers will be free from ick really quick!"

-Unpry Your Rye: Next time you are baking a loaf of bread and need to let it rise, spray the bowl with cooking spray to help avoid pesky sticky dough all over your bowl.  Connie says "When yeast is a beast, spray to release!"

-Lube Your Lock: If your lock starts to stick and your don't know how to pick, try some non-stick.  Spray your key and insert into the lock.  Next, wiggle it around.  This will lubricate the internal mechanisms. Connie even uses it on her hinges, garden tools, or scissors.

-Don't Be Stainer In Your Plastic Container:  Next time you take leftover spaghetti and meatballs to work for lunch, first spray your plastic storage container with a thin coating of cooking spray.  This prevents discoloration!

Our staff wishes you happy holidays and reminds you of one more use for your cooking spray.  Spray the inside of your chimney with cooking spray to help jolly old Saint Nick slip in and out quickly***

***Do not ACTUALLY spray the inside of your chimney, you might start a fire ( and we're talking about you, Billy Joel). The staff at CELEBRATE! is not responsible for any house fires.


Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here is the idea we know that you have been losing sleep over! Bigger than Black Friday some would say (namely Kathleen, Michael, and the office staff)!

THE OVER-SIZED GIFT TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1:  Take either 2 pieces of high quality (at least 1/4" or more) foam core glued together or 1 sheet of the pink foam insulation board found at your local hardware store.

Step 2:  Cut it out an over-sized, iconic gift tag (see picture below). If using the pink foam insulation this is when you will want to spray paint it white.  This may take a few coats.

Step 3:  Trace a circle using a drinking glass as your pattern.  Next, using a utility knife or craft knife carefully cut out a hole at the tapered end of the tag.

Step 4: Find a nice wide holiday ribbon or rope  and string it through the hole.  We suggest using a length long enough to drop over the top of your door and secure on the inside.  This will give the illusion that the tag is attached to the door as though it is on a package!

Step 5:  Next using either your free-handed penmanship, stenciled letters, or cut out paper letters (using a Cricut machine or clip art would be wonderful here) spell out "TO:" and "FROM:".  For example "TO: You FROM: The Thompsons"  or "TO: Our Friends FROM: Us".  You can even add a holiday message under this!

Step 6:  Since everyone has a different door type, you will have to decide for yourself how to hang this festive sign: Nails, magnets, double sided tape, suction cups, etc.



Every now and again, the staff in the office get a little buck wild and come up with some rather unorthodox uses for common foods!  Here are two of the more holiday themed ideas to come out of this think tank!

1.) Bow Tie Pasta As  Present Decor-  Buy a box of your favor (or cheapest) bow tie pasta, we prefer Barilla!    Kathleen wants to mention NOT to cook the pasta (sorry she really doesn't think you kids are stupid).  Lay the dry pasta flat on a few sheets of newspaper in the garage (or bungalow or driveway or...well you get it) and spray paint them a festive color!  Next, glue them on your holiday packages!  One suggestion is to wrap your gift with a wide ribbon and then glue the bows along the ribbon path.  Michael loves a fire engine red bow tie pasta bow while Kathleen prefers a flashy, festive metallic gold!  Connie from our staff ( and from her infamous frame photo) is Jewish and loves a bright blue!

2.) Biscotti Place Cards-  Buy a nice quality biscotti, preferably dipped in chocolate or white chocolate.  Next use a tube of gel frosting found in the baking aisle of local grocer to write your guests names along the cookie.  Finally, resist the urge to eat them all and place them on each guests plate.  You could also put them on miniature easels which can be found at art stores, craft stores, and even $1 stores!


Keeping in tradition with our previous holiday scent related post ( we have a couple of fabulous and fun ideas to share.

1.)  Who says that you need to have boring, clove-pierced oranges? Not us!  We say pick any citrus fruit the calls your name at the supermarket.  Lemon, Limes, Grapefruit, and of course oranges.  Next, using a magic marker or Sharpie with a fine tip, draw a funky, free form, modern design on the fruit skin.  Finally, following the path of the marker, press whole cloves tightly together forming a 3D effect!  Not only will they look amazing, they will smell amazing!  Once your fruits have been cloved, you can place them in bowls or tie a ribbon around them and hang them from just about anywhere.

2.) This one is even easier!  Even Lindsay Lohan after a busy Friday night can do it (or as least we think she could especially with all that free time on house arrest)!  Buy bundles of whole cinnamon sticks at your local craft store (some supermarkets also carry them).  Next, gather a few together, tie with a festive ribbon, and place here and there around the house! 

(Lindsay, smitten by the "intoxicating" scent of cinnamon)

Between these two suggestions, your house will be an oasis of festive fragrances to come home to after your third shift working at the cat litter factory!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

COMING 11-30-11


The office will be closed next week in observation of Thanksgiving!  We hope you all have a wonderful Turkey Day!

(Design Department hard at work before the big break!)

Holiday Frame of Mind

The design department here at Celebrate! has been experimenting with a multitude of alternate door decor.  Here are a few of their ideas for that pile of yard sale frames you have in the basement.

1) The Wreath-  Take an ornate frame and remove any glass and backing.  Next, spray paint it any color but we like a nice, rich green.  Finish the look with a voluptuous bow made of wired ribbon.  Hang on your door as you see fit!

2) The Holiday Package- Take yet another frame from your collection, remove the glass/backing, and this time spray paint it red (or any other festive color).  Wrap the frame using wide, wired ribbon exactly like you would a real present, leaving the BIG bow hovering in the center!

3) The Etched Initial, House Number, or Holiday Message- Take yet another from your endless (or seemingly endless) supply of spare frames. This time after you spray paint the frame, place only the glass back into position securely.  Using etching cream or paint to add your family initial, house number, or holiday message to the glass.  Hang and enjoy!

(Connie from our Design Department really getting into the project!)

Abnor Door Decor

Why stick with boring, old hoops of evergreen boughs?  This year think outside the ring and try one of these fabulous alternate materials!  Start with a standard styrofoam ring and try covering them in one of these...

1) Burlap Strips

2) Faux Fur

3) Ping Pong Balls

4) Cinnamon Sticks

5) Feathers

6) Jingle Bells

The idea is to use these new/interesting materials as a dynamic backdrop for an endless number of holiday possibilities!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

::Uncle Joe You Are Sitting Next To Me::

Looking for place cards for your Thanksgiving table that don't involve tracing your hand to make a turkey or folding a Pilgrim out of a napkin? We found some great alternatives in our November issue of Real Simple Magazine (

1.) Kumquat Kabob- Spear several (4 or 5) kumquats on a wooden skewer for a pretty pop of color. Next, decide where to place it and do so. Now take a long strip of paper approximately a 1/2 inch wide and write the guest's name on it. Finally, curl the paper strip by running it over the blade of a pair of scissors (be careful) and place it around the kumquats.
2.) Wrapped Apple- Wrap a luscious apple (green or red) with some thin gold cord a few times and tie a knot. Next, place a small slip of paper with the guest's name under the cord.
3.) Monogrammed Gilded Pear- Take a pear and place a alphabet sticker on it. Next, spray paint the fruit with gold paint (the shinier the better) and let dry. Finally, peel off the sticker. This idea has caused some controversy between Kathleen and me. Kathleen feels as thought this would be very wasteful since you are ruining a perfectly good pear. If you share the same feeling we have found a great (and expensive) alternative. A company called Esslack has created edible metallic spray paint! It can be purchased at The Deli Garage ( If you do decide to go non-biodegradable use a plastic or wooden pear in place of the real one.
4.) Fragrant Herb Bouquet- Tie together your favorite sprigs of herbs. Cut a piece of paper into the shape of a leaf and tuck into the herbs.

Wednesday, October 26, 2011




Here is a stupendous tip from the old battle axe, Martha Stewart (Hey Girl!!!). Have you amassed a whole gross of paint cans from your various household projects and now need to perform a touch up and have no clue if the dining room is cornmeal blue or Mexican azul? Martha has just the trick for that! So from this point forward this is what you are going to do when you have a painting project. Don't wash your stirring stick off or throw it away. Let it dry completely and then label it with the manufacturers name, the color name, and where you used it. As you collect stirring sticks, you can gather them together by drilling a hole in the handle and slipping them on a jump ring. Hang it in the basement near your work bench for future reference!


Here is a snazzy idea for storing those fragile taper candles you use during your romantic dinners. We all know they are so fragile, they really do need protecting and we also know that if we store mixed candles they can bleed into one another. Take your candles used or new and wrap them in a healthy amount of paper towel. Next, slide the wrapped candles into an old paper towel tube. The tube will help to protect the candles from breaking and the paper towel will keep them from bleeding. Store them in your fridge or other cool spot for safe keeping.


We stumbled across a GRATE idea to organize your hooked earrings, a box grater!!! It couldn't be grater (OK we will stop with the puns). Here's what you do. Find a box grater (they can be found at most kitchen stores or grocery store new, or your can find them second hand at a thrift shop). Next, if you would like it to match your decor, give it a coat of enamel spray paint designed for metal surfaces. You can add legs if you would like by hot gluing/epoxying on wooden beads or even old cabinet pulls. Finally, hang all your earring in the holes on the different sides. TADA!!!


We recently saw an adorable lighting idea while cruising RISD|Works(the online store selling works by students of the Rhode Island School of Design) and were so impressed we had to share it! The clever idea of this small hanging lamp is that it is made from a large Chinese/take-out food container! The designer turned it upside down, cut a hole in the bottom to accommodate the bulb and light kit, and voila! Instant, kitschy lighting that would totally look cute in groupings of three illuminating your kitchen island!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Tips From A Drag Queen: Hairspray


Thank you to Pandora Boxx, Rupaul, and Logo TV's Drag U for the fabulous tips and tricks!

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tips From A Drag Queen: Nail Polish


Big thanks to Carmen Carrera, RuPaul, and Logo TV's Drag U for the fabulous tips!!! Thanks ladies!!!

Wednesday, June 22, 2011


Hello Everybody! It's Michael! As you might remember, Arik and I are getting married in July. We previously mentioned on the blog that our "grooms brides" are going to be carrying over-sized pinwheels in place of flowers! The following posts will show you what you need and how you can make your very own!

Pinwheel: What You'll Need


- 12x12 scrap-booking paper
- 5/8 inch wooden dowel

Note: When drilling the holes in the dowels you will need a partner. This is definitely a two person job! Have your partner hold the dowel steadily in place. Measure 1 inch from the end of dowel and place a mark in the middle. Next, start with the smallest drill bit you have to create a pilot hole. Continue to increase the drill bit size to widen the hole until it is the desired size needed.

- binding screw
- decorative fastener
- hammer
- ruler
- book making paper punch
- spray adhesive
- scissors
- super glue

Pinwheel: The Process

Pinwheel: The Process (Continued)

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Crystal Light Delight 1.0

As it has gotten warmer, we started buying more and more Crystal Light (or comparable drink mix) and soon noticed we were knee deep in handy plastic containers. Being the green, earth friendly, tree huggers that we are, we couldn't just toss them in the trash! The following posts are just a few ideas we found/came up with to re-purpose them!



Arrange/stack the containers into a formation of your liking. Glue together and voila! A marker/pen/pencil/brush/whatever the hell fits caddy!!!

Crystal Light Delight 2.0

Here is a wonderful idea to give back to Mother Nature and reuse those handy dandy drink mix containers!




1.) Using your craft knife, cut small openings in the bottom of the container large enough for seed to pass through.

2.) Next using your awl or nail, punch a hole on each side of the top of the container at the same level. Thread your cording through these holes and tie in to a loop for hanging.

3.) Affix the plate to the bottom of the container. This will catch any stray seeds and gives your flying friends a place to rest their weary wings.

4.) Fill with seed, pop on the cover, and hang in your yard.

Crystal Light Delight 3.0

Drinking and decorating do mix! With all this summer heat do you find yourself consuming exorbitant amounts of Crystal Light (or comparable drink mixes) and don't know what to do with those handy containers? Here is a cute way to use them as festive gift boxes for small items!




Use and abuse your creativity on this one! Plan ahead for upcoming birthdays and holidays as you create your gift enclosing couture!

Crystal Light Delight 4.0

Here is another great idea to use those darn Crystal Light (or comparable drink mix) container for yourself or to give as a gift!




All you need now is your imagination to create a cute, functional, and personalized keepsake.

Crystal Light Delight 5.0

Here are a few other ideas for re-purposing your Crystal Light (or similar brand drink mix) containers!

1.) Candle light- Since they are translucent and/or opaque, you can slip a LED tea light in the bottom for an instant glow!

2.) Makeup Brush Holder- Fill the bottom of your container with marbles, aquarium gravel, dried beans, etc. to weigh it down. If you'd like you can cut and glue some fun, scrap paper around the exterior to add some pizazz.

3.) Vase- Leave plain or decorate with paper, spray paint, ribbon, etc. Fill with water and add your favorite blooms! Again, just in case your flowers are heavy drop a rock in the bottom to add some weight.

3.) Camera Flash Diffuser- Cut the bottom off bottom a cylindrical container and slide it over the flash component of your camera.

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Painless Paper Projects 1.0

Here is a super simple, sturdy, stem-holding vase made out of cardboard!

1.) Cut 4 matching pieces of cardboard for sides and 1 smaller piece for the bottom.

2.) Tape the pieces together to form a vase.

3.) Cover the sides with glue and wrap in strips of paper ribbon (you might have to cut this down into smaller strips) or raffia.

4.) Once the glue is dry, paint over the paper ribbon/raffia with your favorite hue and cover it with spray varnish!

For stability, fill the bottom of your "vase" with sand and remember this one is only for dry arrangements!

Painless Paper Projects 2.0

Try this paper pencil protector if you're feeling wild!

Kathleen wants to note that this is for your "nice" pencils and not your "everyday" one's, so don't stuff it in your pocket!

1.) Take a piece of corrugated card stock (Kathleen finds hers at the dollar store) and cut it into a rectangle that will accommodate the pencils you are working with.

2.) Take a piece of colored card stock and cut it into a narrower rectangle leaving a 1/2 inch border. Also, cut out a closure tab (as pictured).

3.) Cut a pair of parallel slots in the colored paper. Repeat the process until you have two slots per each pencil you are wishing to protect.

4.) Cut several strips of corrugated card 1 1/2 inches wide and long enough to fit around each pencil. Thread this through each pair of parallel slots you cut in the colored paper and glue on the back side. This creates the paper loops to slide your pencils into.

5.) Glue the colored paper onto the smooth side of the corrugated cardboard.

6.)Glue the tab onto the inside near the first pencil (see picture). Punch a paper fastener through the opposite side of the corrugated cardboard.

You now have a wonderful, custom, "art" pencil case!

Painless Paper Projects 3.0

Here is an incredibly easy way to bring style to your porcelain Nile! You're probably thinking, "What the hell are they talking about?"... why tissue boxes of course!

Take an unfinished wooden tissue box (available at most good craft stores or if you are brave construct your own out of heavy press board) and:

Choice One: Paint the box your favorite color. Next, apply a thin layer of glue or Mod Podge to the box's surface. Then take tissue paper, crumple it, and stick it onto the glue. This will achieve a textured surface with a variety of depth of color. Finish with a coat of spray varnish or Mod Podge.

Choice Two: Without painting the box, cover it with glue and crumpled tissue as above. Once it is dry you can give it a coat or two of your favorite paint. You could even gilt it with silver or gold leaf!

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy!

Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Father's Day is coming in a few short weeks. Here is a list of unique gift ideas for Dad that he might actually have on his bucket list!

1.) Glider Ride. Send him soaring through the clouds!

2.) Classes. Sign him up for any variety of classes such as cooking, art, foreign language, photography, Tai Chi, etc.

3.) Car Detailing Kit. For the man who loves his car as much as he loves you!

4.) Car washes for a year. See #3.

5.) Tickets to a concert, show, play, exhibit, etc.


Here are a few great ideas from our test kitchen in Colchester!

- Eww, what's that smell? Don't overpay for a pricey bar of stainless steel "soap" scent remover. You can rub your hands on any stainless steel object (serving spoon, pan, etc) you have lying around the kitchen to remove the lingering garlic or onion smell from your hands. We also heard a dollop of toothpaste also works wonders!

-Do you find yourself making a mess when refilling your salt and pepper shakers? You know the ones that you have to turn over and fill from the bottom? Next time you have to refill them, place a piece of tape (any kind works) over the holes, and flip over the shakers! TADA no mess!

-Hard brown sugar? Toss a few marshmallows in the bag before you reseal it. They will keep the sugar moist for weeks!

-Want the perfectly frosted cake? Next time you are frosting a cake, place the cake on a cardboard round the same diameter as your cake and then place that on top of a large over turned bowl. Raising the cake up with out obstructing the sides allows you to frost all the way to the bottom of the cake with ease!


Next time you can't get a thread through the eye of your needle, try spraying the thread with hairspray! The end will stiffen, allowing you to thread with ease. If you are working with yarn, try a dab of glue for the same effect!

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Gifts Most Hosts Will Toast!

Hurray, Hurray, it's Spring time and that means PARTIES!!! From graduations to the first neighborhood cookouts to weddings, here are some hostess gifts that go the distance!

-Fancy, breakfast syrup (Not maple, that's boring!)
-Set of drink coasters to help protect the heirloom coffee tables.
-Personalized Note Cards.
-6-pack of annauls or perennials to plant
-Compostable Picnic Kit (Biodegradble bag, untensils, etc.)
-Gourmet goodies like Indian simmer sauce, curry powder, etc. plus a recipe
-Tea Towels
-Gourmet Coffee or tea.
-Gourmet popcorn and a movie rental gift certificate. Look for gourmet popcorn

You Said Whaaaat?! 1.0

There is no doubt you are being swamped with graduation party invites! Here are some things NOT to say to the lucky grad.

DON'T SAY: "What can you do with that degree?"
WHY: It's insulting and it invalidates his/her hard work.
INSTEAD SAY: "Tell me about the class that inspired you to dive into that major?"

DON'T SAY: "You should go to law school."
WHY: Not everyone wants to be a lawyer.
INSTEAD SAY: "Are you thinking of grad school?"

DON'T SAY: "Do you have a job lined up?"
WHY: It is embrassing if the grad says "No".
INSTEAD SAY: "So what are your plans for the summer?"

DON'T SAY: "The economy has been bad before, you'll get through it."
WHY: That is not encouraging at all. It is a total downer.
INSTEAD SAY: "Maybe I can help you network!"

DON'T SAY: "Your cousin/sister/best friend/neighbor just got out of school and is doing well.
WHY: You are rubbing the grad's nose in the fact he/she does not have anything lined up.
INSTEAD SAY: "Your cousin/sister/best friend/neighbor landed a job at (insert place of employment here), would you like them to check to see if there are any openings?

You Said Whatttttt?! 2.0

Here is a list of what NOT to say in conversation as you make the rounds at your Spring social events.

DON'T SAY: "You look tired."
WHY: It implies he/she doesn't look so hot.
INSTEAD SAY: "Is everything ok?"

DON'T SAY: "Wow, you lost a lot of weight!"
WHY: It implies that they previously looked unattractive.
INSTEAD SAY: "Wow, you look FIERCE!"

DON'T SAY: "You look good for your age!"
WHY: It implies that you are amazed that they still have all their teeth and haven't been put in a home.
INSTEAD SAY: "You look terrific!"

DON'T SAY: "I could never wear that!"
WHY: It implies that the outfit they're wearing is ugly, slutty, dated, etc.
INSTEAD SAY: "You can really pull off ass-less chaps!"

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


So when we said we'd be back next week, we obviously meant we'd be back next month! Oops, our bad. Now we are back in action with part two of Michael and Arik's wedding hints.

Why carry a poesy when you can carry a pinwheel? We decided that we wanted a fun, modern take on the traditional bouquet and boutonniere so we decided to use paper pinwheels that we are making ourselves to match our color scheme! The "grooms" maids will be wearing pinwheel fascinators and holding oversized pinwheels in place of bouquets. The groomsmen will be wearing pinwheel boutonnieres! Fun, right?! These pinwheels are easy to create using 12x12 scrapbooking paper, dowels, and some hardware. We will feature step-by-step instructions in a future post!

Centerpieces for Peanuts!

You don't have to spend a fortune to get professional looking centerpeices at your reception!

-Here are a few inexpensive ideas to add a reflective touch to your tables. Try running a "behind the door" mirror down the center of a long table to help anchor several smaller arrangements. Another great idea is to use blank CDs turned upside down for a cheap alternative to candle mirrors. Using mirrored surfaces can help you to "double" your flowers without doubling the price.

-Instead of vases try using a collection of teapots which you can arrange yourself with a few large blossoms and greenery.

-For an edgy, modern look try filling a cylinder vase with monochromatic stones and arrange an array of painted dowels to match your color scheme as you would flowers.

- Try making "birds nests" using small straw wreathes, moss, small branches, wooden eggs, and faux birds for a fun whimsical touch!

Is That A Lump In Your Throat or Are You Just Happy to See Me?

Are you afraid you are going to choke up as you walk down the aisle? We've got a tip for you! The lump is actually caused by your glottis (which is the opening in your throat that carries air to your lungs) which opens at the same time your air passage opens. This is simply triggered by your nervous system and what you are feeling is tension in your throat. Take deep breathes concentrating on relaxing your throat and try and think of "happy" thoughts!

Take A Break For Your Waistline's Sake

Need to shed a few pounds before your big day (or any reason for that matter)? Try this low effort idea. At lunch time, take a break away from your desk at work. Studies show that people who ate while using their computer ate twice as much as those who took a break. They also reported not feeling as full after eating and in some cases not remembering what they even ate!

Tuesday, March 22, 2011


Celebrate The Date co-founder Michael M. is getting hitched!!! He is to wed is partner of 7 years, Arik on July 9th 2011! Congrats to them both!

This got us thinking about wedding tips. Check out some of our ideas below. More will come next week!

:: Must Ask Wedding Venue Questions::

01. Do you have a facility director? With they be there on my wedding day?
02. Do I have to be a member of the club where the reception is being held?
03. Will there be a shuttle between the ceremony and reception? Is it provided?
04. What is the back up plan?
05. What is the corkage fee if I bring my own wine?
06. What time must the guests leave the facility?
07. Is there a service charge on top of the bill?
08. Must I use the vendors of your choosing?
09. Are there any consequences for not meeting the food/beverage minimum?
10. Do you allow alcohol and open flames?
11. Will there be an open bar, a cash bar, or a combination of the two?
12. Who is responsible for setting up and tearing down the decor? When will it be completed?
13. Will you rope off an area for parking?
14. How early can I get to the site to set up?
15. Are there any restrictions for the photographers?
16. Are there additional costs including cleaning fees, insurance fee waivers, etc?
17. How many weddings will be booked on the same day?