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Monday, March 30, 2009

Candy Covered Pretzel Logs!!!

Now that we have worked you so hard, now it's time for a delicious , easy-to-make treat!

Melt several ounces of your favorite chocolate over a very low heat on the stove or use a double boiler. You can create a double boiler by placing a metal salad bowl over a sauce pan filled with a few inches of water. Once the chocolate is liquefied, dip the pretzel logs into it then quickly roll the pretzels in your favorite ice cream topping such as mini pralines, jimmies, crushed cookies, or even nuts!

- For more coverage, try ladling the chocolate over the pretzel logs.

-These also make great hostess gift if you are going to a party. Tie half a dozen with a festive ribbon!

Practical Tips from Celebrate!!! (Stop Laughing!)

Although we normally focus on tips for fabulous events, you have to start somewhere, so why not the kitchen sink!

-If you have thrown away something rancid in to your garbage disposal a la fish, chicken liver, or cow brains (OK not cow brains) but you get the idea, the bad order may linger. First, toss some ice cubes into the disposal to remove debris from the blades, and then toss in the peels any citrus fruit lying around the kitchen. Turn on the disposal, and voila! your sink smells like a citrus oasis not cow brains! ::applause::

-Oh, no, you didn't! Have you ever laughed so hard a girlfriend's joke that you spewed your Wrigley's all over the couch? Before you know it your gum has potentially become a permanent fixture. What to do? What to do? (Run! Just kidding) Grab a roll of duct tape and cover the gum with a piece. Pull the tape up quickly! Repeat as necessary. PS: Don't chew it again! -Best jeans in the wash when that dreamy guy from the grocery store invites you to coffee? Don't fret, Bet! Don't freak, Angelic! Just throw them into the dryer with a large, dry, bath towel. Your jeans should dry in half the time because the towel absorbs most of the moisture!

-Does your copper cookware look like the Statue of Liberty? Tired of that streaky green and black tarnish? This tip comes from a famous cooking school. Just slather the copper surfaces with a layer of ketchup! Let it sit for approximately 20 minutes and rinse. The tarnish should wash away easily.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Sachet Madness!

Spring on its way (no really it is) and soon you'll be putting away those heavy winter sweaters and coats (no really you will) and taking out your Spring best. Who said we had to smell like mothballs until May? Not us at CELEBRATE!

Replace those mothballs with one of our easiest tips. Buy or sew small organza bags and fill them with lavender, cedar, rosemary, cinnamon, or cloves! Slip the drawstring over the hanger and the moths will flee and your Gucci will stay free...of holes! Sachet, Chante!

Ice Bowls


-1 star fruit or any other interesting/colorful fruit or flower

-2 salad bowls that fit into each other (at least an 1" different in size)
-1 stone or paperweight to keep the rims of the two bowls level with each other
-masking tape
-wooden skewers

a) Place the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl. Slide your flowers or fruit between the bowls. Begin to fill the larger bowl with water until the edges of the two bowls are flush. Place masking tape across the bowls to ensure uniform shape. If the inside bowl floats higher then the rim of the larger bowl, place a small rock or paper weight to correct the difference.
b) Next take a look at your bowl. Have any of the flowers and/or fruit clumped together or shifted? Use the wooden skewer to arrange them into a balanced presentation.

c) Place your bowl in the freezer overnight!

d) To un-mold your creation, place it on a dish towel on your counter for 10-20 minutes until the bowls come apart easily. Untape the form and pop it out of the bowls. Be careful—it's fragile! Wrap the bowl and place it in the freezer until you are ready to use it.


- Be sure to coordinate your bowl with its contents. For example, if you are serving shrimp cocktail use simple, delicate dill sprigs. Don't make the contents and your bowl compete!

-Want to keep your punch cold? Adapt this recipe and use a bunt pan or any other ring pan. If you don't want your punch to be watered down try making the ring out of any light colored beverage. Of course don't forget to fill the ring with decorative fruit or flowers.