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Monday, March 9, 2009

Ice Bowls


-1 star fruit or any other interesting/colorful fruit or flower

-2 salad bowls that fit into each other (at least an 1" different in size)
-1 stone or paperweight to keep the rims of the two bowls level with each other
-masking tape
-wooden skewers

a) Place the smaller bowl inside the larger bowl. Slide your flowers or fruit between the bowls. Begin to fill the larger bowl with water until the edges of the two bowls are flush. Place masking tape across the bowls to ensure uniform shape. If the inside bowl floats higher then the rim of the larger bowl, place a small rock or paper weight to correct the difference.
b) Next take a look at your bowl. Have any of the flowers and/or fruit clumped together or shifted? Use the wooden skewer to arrange them into a balanced presentation.

c) Place your bowl in the freezer overnight!

d) To un-mold your creation, place it on a dish towel on your counter for 10-20 minutes until the bowls come apart easily. Untape the form and pop it out of the bowls. Be careful—it's fragile! Wrap the bowl and place it in the freezer until you are ready to use it.


- Be sure to coordinate your bowl with its contents. For example, if you are serving shrimp cocktail use simple, delicate dill sprigs. Don't make the contents and your bowl compete!

-Want to keep your punch cold? Adapt this recipe and use a bunt pan or any other ring pan. If you don't want your punch to be watered down try making the ring out of any light colored beverage. Of course don't forget to fill the ring with decorative fruit or flowers.

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