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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Hot 2009 Wedding Trends You Need To Know!

- This season you will see monochromatic schemes dominating the wedding landscape! Try grouping various shades of your favorite color to create a modern yet classic look. Need inspiration? Pick up paint sample cards from your local paint or hardware store!

-In tough times, history proves that warm colors are always popular for weddings. This summer expect to see a comeback of pinks, yellows, and even peach! You will see fewer couples choosing cool lavender, icy blue, or classic black and white.

-Hybrid car in the driveway? Compost pile in the backyard? Go green at your wedding in 2009! Eco-friendly textures and materials will hot this season. Incorporate stones, branches, and mosses for a natural look. Try going recycle-chic by re-purposing everyday items into trendy wedding decor!

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