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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Remove Those Stubborn Labels Easily!

Have you ever brought home a vase or picture frame with a stubborn label that just won't come off the glass? Well, we have some tips for you!

- To remove a label from a glass or ceramic vase or vessel, simply boil some water on the stove, place the container on a safe, level surface and fill past the level of the label. The heat from will warm the surface, reheat the glue, and viola, the label peels away effortlessly. Warning: Be careful not to burn your fingers!

- To remove a label from a non-absorbent surface such as the glass of a picture frame, remove as much of the label as you can and then smear a dollop of peanut butter (not for those with nut allergies) on the the sticky area and let it sit for about twenty minutes. The oil in the peanut butter will help to release the adhesive and make it easy to wipe away!

- To remove a label from an absorbent surface such as a book cover, plug in your hair dryer and heat the label for about ten to fifteen seconds. The heat will help to rewarm the glue making it easier to remove. Try peeling the label off. It may need more time depending on the size of the label.

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