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Thursday, October 25, 2012


Hello Readers,

We wanted to take a moment to introduce the latest addition to our staff,  TIMOTHY!!!  He is our new bright-eyed (not jaded) community college intern!  His mother is particularly proud of his head shot! Welcome aboard Timothy!!!

"Heyyyyyyyyyy, I'm Timothy!!!"

Wonderful Last Minute Costume Ideas!

  • "French Kiss" Paint your face like your favorite member of the rock band KISS and pop on a beret.
  • "Fantasy Football" Dress up in a wizard gown or clock.  Attach a long gray beard if you have one and throw on a helmet.  Feel free to carry a wand!
  • "Buccaneer"  Tape a dollar bill to each ear lobe.
  • "Iron Chef" Carry around a clothes iron and wear a chef hat and apron.
  • "Gold Digger" Spray paint a plastic shovel gold and carry it around.
  • "Sugar Daddy/Mama" Throw on front facing baby carrier and add a bag of sugar.  Tip:  Empty the bag of sugar into a container at home to use later, and stuff to the sugar bag with fiber fill or crumpled paper to reduce the weight.
  • "Fork In The Road"  Buy a black t-shirt and add 3 lengths of yellow duct tape.  Add a plastic fork under one of the strips of tape.
  • "Pumpkin Pie"  Create a t-shirt with a picture of a pumpkin pie with the Greek letter "pi" on it.  This can be done using an iron-on transfer and the computer, fabric markers/paint, or even construction paper!
  • "Bottle Neck"  String some empty bottles around your neck.
  • "Cloudy with A Chance of Rain" Glue clusters of cotton balls to a blue t-shirt to represent clouds and carry a spray bottle.  For a literary take, carry a plate of meatballs instead of a squirt gun then you'll be  "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"!
  • "Time Flies"  Wear a pair of angel wings (store bought or homemade) and hang a wall clock around your neck!
  • "Smartie Pants" Tape or glue candy "Smarties" all over your pants!
  • "Q-Tip"  Wrap your head and feet in cotton batting/fiber fill/KAPOK around your head and feet then wear a white t-shirt and pants.
And here is what Connie and Wendell plan on wearing to your 2012 Halloween Hoe Down (sponsored by Martha Stewart Glitter):   Connie will secure herself in a large box faux-finished to look like a brick while Wendell will wear  a workman's cap, apron, gloves, and carry a trowel because we will be a brick "layer"!  What a pair!


Thursday, October 4, 2012

The Best Little Sun Glass Holder In Texas (or Anywhere Else)

We had a sunny spell a few days ago and suddenly the office was cluttered with sunglasses of every size and shape!  Wendell's fetching cat-eyed number with rhinestones, Connie's tinted monocle (the woman can't loose the damn eye patch. Why would she wear conventional sunglasses!), Kathleen's vintage limited edition Amelia Earhart goggles, and Michael's designer "lemon grass" Wayfarers  to name a few!  A company meeting was held to discuss the dilemma of how to safely store the abundance of shaded eye wear we had accumulated.  We decided to throw it out to our design department as a challenge, telling them the winner would receive six pounds of organic raffia (in their choice of color mind you)!  They were off like hounds on the hunt!  Here is what they came up with!

1.) Go to your local hardware store and pick up a paint roller screen!

2.) Next flatten the angled portion (the right side in the photo above).

3.) Draw a level line on your wall with a level (hold applause).

4.) Eye balling (a technical term) or measuring (if your as anal as Martha Stewart) the distance of the farthest holes in the mesh  of the flattened section, place 2 cup hooks in the wall.

5.)  Hang the roller mesh "feet" (left end in the picture above) against the wall.

6.) Slide your sunglasses through the empty holes or empty spaces in the mesh!

Our Sunglasses, clockwise from lower left: Connie's Sun-ocle, Michael's over-sized shades, Wendell's dapper shades, and Kathleen's goggles!