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Thursday, October 25, 2012

Wonderful Last Minute Costume Ideas!

  • "French Kiss" Paint your face like your favorite member of the rock band KISS and pop on a beret.
  • "Fantasy Football" Dress up in a wizard gown or clock.  Attach a long gray beard if you have one and throw on a helmet.  Feel free to carry a wand!
  • "Buccaneer"  Tape a dollar bill to each ear lobe.
  • "Iron Chef" Carry around a clothes iron and wear a chef hat and apron.
  • "Gold Digger" Spray paint a plastic shovel gold and carry it around.
  • "Sugar Daddy/Mama" Throw on front facing baby carrier and add a bag of sugar.  Tip:  Empty the bag of sugar into a container at home to use later, and stuff to the sugar bag with fiber fill or crumpled paper to reduce the weight.
  • "Fork In The Road"  Buy a black t-shirt and add 3 lengths of yellow duct tape.  Add a plastic fork under one of the strips of tape.
  • "Pumpkin Pie"  Create a t-shirt with a picture of a pumpkin pie with the Greek letter "pi" on it.  This can be done using an iron-on transfer and the computer, fabric markers/paint, or even construction paper!
  • "Bottle Neck"  String some empty bottles around your neck.
  • "Cloudy with A Chance of Rain" Glue clusters of cotton balls to a blue t-shirt to represent clouds and carry a spray bottle.  For a literary take, carry a plate of meatballs instead of a squirt gun then you'll be  "Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs"!
  • "Time Flies"  Wear a pair of angel wings (store bought or homemade) and hang a wall clock around your neck!
  • "Smartie Pants" Tape or glue candy "Smarties" all over your pants!
  • "Q-Tip"  Wrap your head and feet in cotton batting/fiber fill/KAPOK around your head and feet then wear a white t-shirt and pants.
And here is what Connie and Wendell plan on wearing to your 2012 Halloween Hoe Down (sponsored by Martha Stewart Glitter):   Connie will secure herself in a large box faux-finished to look like a brick while Wendell will wear  a workman's cap, apron, gloves, and carry a trowel because we will be a brick "layer"!  What a pair!


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