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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Here is the idea we know that you have been losing sleep over! Bigger than Black Friday some would say (namely Kathleen, Michael, and the office staff)!

THE OVER-SIZED GIFT TAG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Step 1:  Take either 2 pieces of high quality (at least 1/4" or more) foam core glued together or 1 sheet of the pink foam insulation board found at your local hardware store.

Step 2:  Cut it out an over-sized, iconic gift tag (see picture below). If using the pink foam insulation this is when you will want to spray paint it white.  This may take a few coats.

Step 3:  Trace a circle using a drinking glass as your pattern.  Next, using a utility knife or craft knife carefully cut out a hole at the tapered end of the tag.

Step 4: Find a nice wide holiday ribbon or rope  and string it through the hole.  We suggest using a length long enough to drop over the top of your door and secure on the inside.  This will give the illusion that the tag is attached to the door as though it is on a package!

Step 5:  Next using either your free-handed penmanship, stenciled letters, or cut out paper letters (using a Cricut machine or clip art would be wonderful here) spell out "TO:" and "FROM:".  For example "TO: You FROM: The Thompsons"  or "TO: Our Friends FROM: Us".  You can even add a holiday message under this!

Step 6:  Since everyone has a different door type, you will have to decide for yourself how to hang this festive sign: Nails, magnets, double sided tape, suction cups, etc.


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