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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Keeping in tradition with our previous holiday scent related post ( we have a couple of fabulous and fun ideas to share.

1.)  Who says that you need to have boring, clove-pierced oranges? Not us!  We say pick any citrus fruit the calls your name at the supermarket.  Lemon, Limes, Grapefruit, and of course oranges.  Next, using a magic marker or Sharpie with a fine tip, draw a funky, free form, modern design on the fruit skin.  Finally, following the path of the marker, press whole cloves tightly together forming a 3D effect!  Not only will they look amazing, they will smell amazing!  Once your fruits have been cloved, you can place them in bowls or tie a ribbon around them and hang them from just about anywhere.

2.) This one is even easier!  Even Lindsay Lohan after a busy Friday night can do it (or as least we think she could especially with all that free time on house arrest)!  Buy bundles of whole cinnamon sticks at your local craft store (some supermarkets also carry them).  Next, gather a few together, tie with a festive ribbon, and place here and there around the house! 

(Lindsay, smitten by the "intoxicating" scent of cinnamon)

Between these two suggestions, your house will be an oasis of festive fragrances to come home to after your third shift working at the cat litter factory!

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