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Wednesday, November 30, 2011


Every now and again, the staff in the office get a little buck wild and come up with some rather unorthodox uses for common foods!  Here are two of the more holiday themed ideas to come out of this think tank!

1.) Bow Tie Pasta As  Present Decor-  Buy a box of your favor (or cheapest) bow tie pasta, we prefer Barilla!    Kathleen wants to mention NOT to cook the pasta (sorry she really doesn't think you kids are stupid).  Lay the dry pasta flat on a few sheets of newspaper in the garage (or bungalow or driveway or...well you get it) and spray paint them a festive color!  Next, glue them on your holiday packages!  One suggestion is to wrap your gift with a wide ribbon and then glue the bows along the ribbon path.  Michael loves a fire engine red bow tie pasta bow while Kathleen prefers a flashy, festive metallic gold!  Connie from our staff ( and from her infamous frame photo) is Jewish and loves a bright blue!

2.) Biscotti Place Cards-  Buy a nice quality biscotti, preferably dipped in chocolate or white chocolate.  Next use a tube of gel frosting found in the baking aisle of local grocer to write your guests names along the cookie.  Finally, resist the urge to eat them all and place them on each guests plate.  You could also put them on miniature easels which can be found at art stores, craft stores, and even $1 stores!

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