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Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Here are a few great ideas from our test kitchen in Colchester!

- Eww, what's that smell? Don't overpay for a pricey bar of stainless steel "soap" scent remover. You can rub your hands on any stainless steel object (serving spoon, pan, etc) you have lying around the kitchen to remove the lingering garlic or onion smell from your hands. We also heard a dollop of toothpaste also works wonders!

-Do you find yourself making a mess when refilling your salt and pepper shakers? You know the ones that you have to turn over and fill from the bottom? Next time you have to refill them, place a piece of tape (any kind works) over the holes, and flip over the shakers! TADA no mess!

-Hard brown sugar? Toss a few marshmallows in the bag before you reseal it. They will keep the sugar moist for weeks!

-Want the perfectly frosted cake? Next time you are frosting a cake, place the cake on a cardboard round the same diameter as your cake and then place that on top of a large over turned bowl. Raising the cake up with out obstructing the sides allows you to frost all the way to the bottom of the cake with ease!


Next time you can't get a thread through the eye of your needle, try spraying the thread with hairspray! The end will stiffen, allowing you to thread with ease. If you are working with yarn, try a dab of glue for the same effect!

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