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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

You Said Whaaaat?! 1.0

There is no doubt you are being swamped with graduation party invites! Here are some things NOT to say to the lucky grad.

DON'T SAY: "What can you do with that degree?"
WHY: It's insulting and it invalidates his/her hard work.
INSTEAD SAY: "Tell me about the class that inspired you to dive into that major?"

DON'T SAY: "You should go to law school."
WHY: Not everyone wants to be a lawyer.
INSTEAD SAY: "Are you thinking of grad school?"

DON'T SAY: "Do you have a job lined up?"
WHY: It is embrassing if the grad says "No".
INSTEAD SAY: "So what are your plans for the summer?"

DON'T SAY: "The economy has been bad before, you'll get through it."
WHY: That is not encouraging at all. It is a total downer.
INSTEAD SAY: "Maybe I can help you network!"

DON'T SAY: "Your cousin/sister/best friend/neighbor just got out of school and is doing well.
WHY: You are rubbing the grad's nose in the fact he/she does not have anything lined up.
INSTEAD SAY: "Your cousin/sister/best friend/neighbor landed a job at (insert place of employment here), would you like them to check to see if there are any openings?

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