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Wednesday, August 25, 2010

::Earrings, Earrings, Earrings!::

Have you ever lost the backs to your earrings, especially in the most inopportune times? Many of you have heard of using pencil erasers in a pinch, but here is another one that impressed us nearly as much. Try using a small piece of a wide rubber band. It will do the trick and not be as cumbersome as the traditional pencil eraser.

Always looking for a place to stash your earrings when you are at the gym or spa? Try this handy tip next time to wrangle them. Take off your watch and slide the hooks or posts through the holes in the band and then secure them with the backs. Voila problem solved!

Christmas is 4 months from today! Here is a great gift your can make for your pierced posse. Find a picture frame that appeals to you. Remove the glass and backing leaving just the wooden border. The goal will be to fill the space in the center with a perch to hang your earrings from. Our design studio in Colchester came up with two that were easy and stylish. The first is to take small strips of firring (thin narrow wood) from the local hardware store and cut them to the exact width of the frame opening. Next, secure them in place horizontally with either wood glue or brads. If you would like to you could even notch out spaces for the hooks to settle in. The second way is to string picture hanging wire across the opening. Be sure that the wire is parallel! You can add beads every inch or so (using bead glue to prevent the earrings from sliding) before attaching the wire to the frame. For this one you will want to drill tiny holes along the frame for the wire to slip through and be knotted. Voila! They both look great!

Share your creative earring or jewelry storage idea and you could win our September contest!

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