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Tuesday, August 17, 2010

::Amazing Factoids::

Most people have heard that left-handedness is a signal of creativity but did you know that 47% of all art students in a university study were left handed! Go figure!

Big head = big brain? True or false? True. People with larger skulls tend to have better memories especially when they age. In a test the people with larger head circumference scored higher then those with average sized heads. Some scientists even believe that the larger the skull the lower the risk of Alzheimer's.

Got a headache and are a ginger? Research has found that natural red heads are more sensitive to cold, typically need 20% more pain medication, and 20% more anesthesia during surgery. Next time you have some aches and pains consider increasing your dosage. (Always consult a doctor before taking any additional medication over the manufacturer's recommended dosage.)

Are you wearing a sweater or is that just your back hair? Odds are that if a guy has a hairy chest he has a higher IQ. MENSA members(those folks with the high IQ's) tend to be much hairier than most folks. Scientists have even found that students with more body hair range higher academically.

Did you know that if your ring finger is longer than your index finger you tend to be more assertive and more likely to take risks than others. This is because of higher Testosterone in the body. Financial traders with longer ring fingers make 6 times more money than their shorter fingered counterparts.

So run to the mirror and we have one question for you. Are you smarter than you thought?

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