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Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back To School Chic With Zeke

We just got off a conference call with Zeke, our style maven! He was calling from our northern Singapore office to report on the hottest back to school fashion trends of 2009! Say goodbye to neon pink! Bright colors are out this season. 80's inspired punk rock pieces will be wardrobe staples this year. Hot colors will be: blacks, greys, dark reds, blues, tweeds, metallics, and leather. Zeke says if you desperately need color, try throwing in some bright, mustard yellow accents and accessories!

Back To School Chic With Zeke

Zeke also reports that extremely skinny and tight fitting jeans for both the guys and the gals will be on fire this Fall! Pair them with your favorite Converse high-tops for a fabulous updated 80's look! The great thing about Converse sneakers is that you can either decorate and customize them with fabric paint, markers, and other notions yourself, or if you some extra cash, you can log onto Converse's website and customize a pair online. Finally, if pants aren't your thing, then remember that skirts and dresses should fall no shorter than mid-thigh this season. Toss out those skanky micro-minis you filled you closet with last year, and lord knows that with their tiny size you could stock pile quite a few!

Back To School Chic with Zeke!

Finally, Zeke tells us that layering is once again the will be HUGE like Texas hair! Speak of the devil, he did mention that big hair is making a comeback! Amp up the volume and go for a tousled, messy look!

::Having Fun with Hand Sanitizer::

Hoping you don't die from the H1N1 this fall? So do we! Start your defense stategy by having fun with hand sanitizer! Studies say that washing hands will be the number one best defense against the disease. Try adding glitter or your favorite essential oil to the bottle for a personal touch! For the office pain-in-your-ass who is too cheap to buy his/her own hand sanitizer, keep a seperate bottle in your desk drawer that you have tinted with food coloring. Believe me that cheap skate will run to the store to buy his/her own when their hands turn purple. You could always ham it up by telling them a symptom of the virus is purple hands!