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Sunday, January 31, 2010

How to Write Love Letters 101

Hello Class,

Today we are going to learn the art of writing the perfect love letter. We would like to thank our friends at Every Day with Rachael Ray for this wonderful idea!

During these difficult economic times, why waste your hard earned money of frivolous flowers, cliched chocolate, or jaded jewelery that don't encapsulate your true feelings for your mate? Why not pour your heart out in a touching (and often romantically cheesy) love letter. We are talking about a physical, hand-written letter folks NOT an email or text message. Follow these easy steps and win your lover over this Valentines Day!

1) Brainstorm: Create a list of specific attributes you love about your mate, for example the cute way she snorts when the laugh at your jokes or the way he loves his dog. This list should not resemble something that would read like the information on a driver's license (Exp: He's tall or he has blue eyes). Also, jot down memorable moments you two have shared through the years.

2) Write from The Heart: Use the notes you collected to make an outline. Remember this is not a business letter (unless you're writing this for a prostitute). Write as you speak and make it real. Don't try to speak as though you were Shakespeare if it isn't you! Your partner wants to feel what YOU feel, remember what YOU remember, etc. If you talk like truck driver, leave the four letter expletives out!

3) Make it a Keepsake: Transform your love note into a gift. Use handmade papers; write with a fountain pen, etc. Make the envelope special as well! Try sealing it with wax, emboss your initials on the back flap, or even spritz it with your favorite perfume or cologne. If you don't have an envelope, try rolling it like a scroll and securing it with a ribbon. If you can't find handmade paper try to at least steer clear of pages torn from a notebook, legal pads, or grocery list sheets!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Solving The Shrunken Clothing Blues

Have you ever thrown your favorite cashmere sweater into the dryer and it came out looking like a two fingered mitten? It can down right screw up your day! Try this helpful process to bring your shrunken garments back from the dark side. Add a tablespoon of baby shampoo or hair conditioner to one quart of water. Immerse the shrunken garment. Natural, knit fibers such as wool, cashmere, or cotton work the best, machine or hand washable fabrics alike. While the item is soaking, trace the outline of a similarly sized top or sweater onto craft paper with a permanent marker (LET IT DRY PEOPLE). Remove the clothing from the water and lightly squeeze out any excess. Do not ring it because this could damage the fibers. Begin to gently stretch the fabric to match the pattern. You can use a garment steamer or the steam from an iron to assist you if you are having difficulty. Finally, weigh down the corners with coffee cups or canned goods and let it dry completely. Voila! Your sweater is back in business!

Great Gift Alert!!!

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If you can take digital pictures and navigate a simple website you can create a gorgeous custom coffee table book that won't break the bank! You can choose from over 10 different book styles and 200 page layouts.

The possible uses are endless! Start thinking now and plan ahead. These books can make great wedding presents, graduation gifts, retirement memories, holiday gifts, and any other touching memories you would love to capture and keep forever. Set your scrap booking aside for a few days and create something your friends and family will think you purchased at Barnes & Noble!