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Thursday, February 17, 2011

::Harness The Tarnish::

Do you have a drawer or cabinet full of sterling silver flatware, tea services, serving trays, etc that are tarnished beyond your reputation? Here is a fabulous tip to clean it all in a jiffy without all that hassle! Grab a stock pot or other sizeable pan in which you can submerge your items. Next, place a piece of tin foil in the bottom of the pot. Now, place the objects on the tin foil and spinkle a quarter cup of baking soda and a few teaspoons for each quart of boiling water you will add. Leave the items submerged in the hot water for several seconds and remove carefully (Don't burn yourself). Dry with a clean cotton cloth! While it's soaking go grab your sunglasses to protect your peepers from the luster of your newly cleaned silver!

::Green Clean Supreme::

Drop the Draino! We have a fabulous "green" drain cleaning tip that we have tested in our new sattelite test lab in Essex, Vermont. Caustic chemicals? No! Putrid plunger? No! We solved this problem by simply opening our staff kitchen cabinets. First sprinkle a hefty amount(1/2 cup or so)of baking soda down the drain. Next, chase it with a 1/2 cup of vinegar. Cover the drain opening with a wet cloth and let it sit about five minutes. Finally, remove the cloth flush the drain with steaming hot water! Away go all your worries not to mention the nastiness in the drain!

::Foil Co-Mingling Electro-Magnetic Fields::

Have you ever been watching TV or a favorite movie and the image suddenly becomes disorted? It could be electro-magnetic waves from your devices. Slip a sheet of aluminum foil between your stacked TV and DVD player to keep co-mingling electro-magnetic fields from disrupting the picture!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011


Here's some handy tips from our test lab in Ole' Cold Colchester!

- Tough Top Turning? Have you ever encountered an old bottle of craft paint where the cap has seemingly fused to the bottle threads? We have a quick tip for you. Next time you finish using the bottle wipe any dribbles off the threads, place a thin layer of Vaseline on them, and recap. Next time you use the bottle it will open like a charm!

- Fabulous Flowers! When you receive flowers (hopefully as a gift) place the whole bouquet in a sink full of water for an hour, submerging them. While underwater, cut each stem on an angle with a sharp knife (Exacto, etc) not scissors. Scissors will crush the stems! While the flowers are soaking find a vase and wash it out with soapy water. Make sure all the gunk is gone! Rinse it out, fill it, and add at least 2 drops of bleach. Arrange the flowers. Remember to change the water and trim the stems every two days. They should last twice as long!

- Unbustable Balls! We have the perfect hiding spot for all your small valuables (Thieves stop reading!). Take a tennis ball and cut a slit in it. Slide in your family jewels! No one will suspect that canister of tennis balls in the garage is worth a million bucks (literally)! PS Do not let your dog play with these balls!

-Cluttered Kids Rooms? Here is a life saver for all you moms out there! Does your little one have stuffed animals all over the floor? Round up the stuffed posse and bring them to the craft room. Add the soft side of strips of self-adhesive Velcro to the backs of the animals. Next, place the other end on the wall. When it comes time to clean up you can just grab the stuffed critters and attach them neatly to the wall! Best of all your little one can help too!

-Puffy Paint lives again! Calm down and put down the over sized sweatshirts and back away from the acid washed denim. Hear is a great updated tip for the 90's craft staple. Add a enough beads to covers he bottom side of a pair of new socks. Once the paint dries, you will have another 90's staple, slipper socks!


As our newest follower, today's posts are dedicated to you! Thanks for following us! We hope you enjoy the blog and tell all your adoring friends about us!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

::Fabulous Valentine's Day Gift Ideas::

Hello Everybody!

Here are some fabulous DIY gift ideas that you can make for your Valentine that personal and sweet!

TEA BAG TAGS: Remove tea bag tag carefully. Cut two matching hearts or other Valentine's themed shapes out of a sturdy paper such as card stock. Write a sweet message and trim the edge with glitter glue if desired. Put glue on the back of one of the hearts and place the strng on it then place the second heart on. Think of this as a string sandwich with the hearts/shapes acting as the bread! Enclose one in a Valentine's card to a favorite friend or relative, or make a box of of them for your tea time sweetie.

HEIRLOOM PHOTO PLATES: Buy a clear glass plate in a size and color of your choice. Next, make a photocopy of a favorite photo. Spread a collage glue such as Modge Podge over picture and place face down on center of plate back. Smooth out any bubbles (you could use a bone folder). Let dry this dry completely. Next, spread another coat of Modge Podge all over the back of the plate. Layer tissue paper over the entire surface. Smooth and tap down removing any air bubbles. For a lighter background, layer white or light colored paper down first and for a darker background, use darker papers. Experiment with different shades, shapes, or patterns with strips of different hues. When dry, trim the edges with a craft knife or sharp scissors. Now you are ready to seal your work. We set out sheets of newspaper and placed full soda cans on the paper on which to balance the plates. Place the plates face down on the cans and spray the backs with a sealer and let them dry completely. Don't stack the plates for a few days to make sure they are really well cured, you don't want them to stick together! Even though the plates have been sealed, don't put them in the dishwasher or in a bucket of suds. Spot clean with moistened paper towels and gently towel dry. These plates are best for things like chocolates or chocolate dipped strawberries. Voila!

VEGGIE ROSE STAMPS: When you think of Valentine's Day, you always think of roses. Here is a clever, inexpensive, and easy rose stamp idea for all your paper goods! It's perfect to stamp roses on cards, envelopes, love letters, gift tags, etc. Take a head of Radicchio, fresh Brussels Sprouts, or even Romaine Lettuce found at your local supermarket produce department. Rinse them and dry them completely. Using a very sharp knife, trim the veggie a few inches from the stem, be sure to make sure the cut is even and level. Next, wrap a rubber band around the leaves to hold the veggie together while you use it. Press the cut side onto a stamp pad and stamp onto your paper. You should have a nice rose shape. Blot on paper towels between presses.