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Thursday, December 15, 2011


We are sure you have been using cooking spray like it's going out of style this holiday season making all those yummy treats!  Here are several unique alternate uses for cooking spray that we, Connie, and the rest of the design staff have complied!

-Shred Cheese in a Breeze: Before you use your cheese grater, spray it was non-stick cooking spray to prevent chunks forming and for easy clean up.  It's Gouda!

-Move That Honey Like A Bunny: Spray the inside of your measuring cups or spoons when you are measuring sticking liquids such as honey, molasses, corn syrup, Maple syrup, etc.

-Shovel With Out Trouble: We all know that we are going to have loads of snow to shovel soon.  Make it easier by spraying your shovel with cooking spray. Sticky snow and ice will slide right off! Connie always says "When snow starts to stick, make your shovel slick!" 

- Finger Food Freedom: The next time you are making a meatloaf, rolling cookie dough into balls, or making popcorn balls.  Spritz your hands with cooking spray; Connie also says "You're fingers will be free from ick really quick!"

-Unpry Your Rye: Next time you are baking a loaf of bread and need to let it rise, spray the bowl with cooking spray to help avoid pesky sticky dough all over your bowl.  Connie says "When yeast is a beast, spray to release!"

-Lube Your Lock: If your lock starts to stick and your don't know how to pick, try some non-stick.  Spray your key and insert into the lock.  Next, wiggle it around.  This will lubricate the internal mechanisms. Connie even uses it on her hinges, garden tools, or scissors.

-Don't Be Stainer In Your Plastic Container:  Next time you take leftover spaghetti and meatballs to work for lunch, first spray your plastic storage container with a thin coating of cooking spray.  This prevents discoloration!

Our staff wishes you happy holidays and reminds you of one more use for your cooking spray.  Spray the inside of your chimney with cooking spray to help jolly old Saint Nick slip in and out quickly***

***Do not ACTUALLY spray the inside of your chimney, you might start a fire ( and we're talking about you, Billy Joel). The staff at CELEBRATE! is not responsible for any house fires.