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Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Thrift-Store Couture!

How is a label-whore to survive this tough economy? Just because the economy is plunging it doesn't mean your neckline can't! Try browsing the racks at your local thrift-store for some great deals. Just follow our tips:

1.) Set a limit of $10 or $20. You would be surprised at how much that can get you!

2.) Try shopping on a Monday. The most donations are recieved over the weekend and the staff does not have time to put it all out on the sales floor.

3.) Look at the label, not neccessarily for the name (whore!); but the crisper the label the less often the garment has been worn.

4.) Try shopping at stores near colleges. As the school year draws to a close students begin shedding their belongs to make the load lighter on their journies home. Many times these items are current, barely used, and in great condition!

5.) If your looking for furniture or linens, remember to bring along a tape measure to ensure that these items are the correct size.

Happy Shopping!

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