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Monday, June 22, 2009

Yard Sales Galore!!!

Do you cut out the ads for the yard sales you want to go to, but always end up with scraps of paper all over the mini van? To avoid having to cut out all the little ads in the newspaper, or wasting time copying them to a sheet of paper, here's an idea: take a piece of Scotch tape and place it over the ad then use your fingernail and press down on the ad. Then carefully lift the tape and place the tape on a piece of paper. All the information will be transferred to the tape. When arranging them on your paper try to put them in order of location to streamline your trip.

When shopping for specific items such as baby furniture or small kitchen electrics, remember that many items may of have been recalled by the manufacturer. Before you head off , call the Consumer Product Safety Commission at 1-800-638-2772 or visit their website to get a list of products you should avoid.

To avoid theft, ask at least 3 or 4 friends to help monitor your sale. Also set up a "check out" area that all customers must go through before leaving the sale.

Two things Kathleen hates:

1.) When people haven't taken the time to clean items being sold in the sale.

2.) When items aren't ticketed.

Two things Michael hates:

1.) Yard sale banter. You don't have to tell me your life story when browsing my sale. I don't care that you had to work on Saturday or that your grandmother likes teddy bears. Just buy it!

2.) People who want to buy everything including the clothes off your damn back! No, my polo shirt isn't for sale; no, the cats in the window are not for sale! It's the damn stuff on the tables! With the price tags right, Kathleen?

Two things we love:

1.) Well organized sales with distinct groupings of items. The "department store" feel!

2.) When the sellers take the time to supply plastic bags, wrap up breakables, and offer to help bring cumbersome items to your car, etc.

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