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Tuesday, March 22, 2011

::Whimsical Wedding We-Purposing::

Here are just a few wonderful ideas we found to re-purpose everyday items into chic wedding decor!

-Check out your local box store or even discount store and look for a fun, counter top toothbrush holder (the kind that looks cup with holes in the top). Fill each hole with an array of flowers and greenery that matches your wedding color scheme. You can dress them up with ribbon or any other embellishments. Using the holder guarantees that your arrangements will be full and equally spaced without the expense of using a florist.

-Search local thrift shops, second hand stores, and even grandma's china cabinet for an array of vintage (or even modern) tea cups. They can hold Jordan almonds on each table, or you could even fill them with decorative sand and place table numbers on skewers on them.

-Swap out the boring trays that wait staff always use to distribute beverages with something a little more intimate. Pick out some favorite snapshots of the happy couple through the years (For example, a cute photo of the groom when he lost his first tooth would be super sweet). Next, enlarge the pictures to at least 16x20 and print them in black and white. Next, purchase a bunch of picture frames the size of the photos. Frame the photos and volia, you have a personalized photo serving tray! After drinks have been handed out, these "trays" can then be displayed on a gift table or even hung (consult your venue) to create a gallery of memories!

-Who said wine glasses (and other bar glasses) should only hold spirits? They can easily be filled with decorative sand or pebbles to create chic votive holders that can be used just about anywhere! They don't even have to match to make an impact!

Thanks to Real Simple Magazine (Http:// for many of these tips and their inspiration!

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