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Thursday, April 18, 2013


Don't take the easy route this Mother's Day and visit your department store.  Instead, try one of these super simple, ultra personal gifts you can make in the comfort of your own home!

  1. Infinity Scarf- Find an attractive, long, narrow scarf at your local boutique, department, or craft store. Sew the ends together, and press.  Voila!  An infinity scarf for half the price of the ones sold at specialty stores!
  2. Hand Stamped Note Cards- Writing a letter is still an art form!  If your mother still writes notes, try making custom note cards by buying blank card sets at your craft store and embellishing them to fit her personality.
  3. Plant Markers- Gather a bunch of paint stirrers (often free at your local hardware store).  Paint them colors that will compliment Mom's Garden. Add a design and the name of the flower or herb they will guard.  Make at set!  If you use acrylic paints, be sure to seal them with a polyurethane varnish.
  4. Personalized Stamp- If you go to your local printer or engraver, you should be able to buy a personalized stamp with her name and address or favorite catch phrase!
  5. Tote Bag- Take a plain canvas tote bag and personalize it to fit your Mother's style!  One idea, lay a paper doily across part of the bag, using it as a stencil.  Using fabric paint or treated acrylic paint stipple over with a stencil brush.  You could also make a design with contact paper.  Adhere to the bag and use fabric spray paint to cover the front of your bag.  Wait until dry and remove the contact paper leaving a ghost like effect of your design.  Another idea is to simply find one of your Mother's guilty pleasures (shopping for example) and create a funky bag that says something like "Oh La La" or  "Ching Ching" with a Dollar Sign.  
  6. Family Tree- Self explanatory.  You don't have to be particularly artistic or do a lot research into your genealogy.  Mom will love it no matter what!
  7. Memory Wire Bracelet- Buy a length of "memory" wire from your local craft store.  Fill tightly with colorful beads that match you Mother's favorite colors!  Bend each end into a loop.  "Memory" wire is tough to cut so be sure to use real wire cutters.  Be sure your loops are well made as not to snag Mom's favorite blouse.  Tada! 
  8. Reshaped Cardigan- If Mom's recently lost weight but doesn't want to throw away her favorite cardigan or top.  Gather the fabric in the back and clothes with a fashionable brooch. 
  9. Homemade Truffles- Google a recipe, they are so simple!  Buy a fancy box and candy papers at a craft store!

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