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Thursday, October 29, 2009

Things You Can Put In Your Dishwasher That You Never Thought Of Before!

:::WARNING:: Don't mix any of the following with dirty dishes!

1. Baseball Hats- Benefit: They retain their shape but please no dirty dishes in the same cycle!
2. Rain Boots- Benefit: No more smelly rubber boots. Remove the liners and lay horizontally.

3. Flip Flops- Benefit: Clean and sanitary summer footwear. Just hook on tines on the top rack!

4. Hand Tools- Benefit: Anything with a metal or plastic handle comes out spotless. Don't try this with wooden handles and make sure to towel dry as soon as you take them out!

5. Ceramic Cabinet Knobs- Benefit: Clean and good as new! Place them in the silverware tray for best results.

6. Hairbrushes- Benefit: The gunk is gone. This works best on those made of plastic or nylon without any wood or natural fibers!

7. Shin Guards, Knee Pads, and Mouth Guards- Benefit: No more stinky hockey bags on the porch! Toss them on the top rack.

8. Action Figures and Other Small Plastic Toys- Benefit: Germs be gone! Throw them into a mesh lingerie bag to contain them and put them on the top rack.

9. Garden Tools-Benefit: Pesticides and manure away! Just remember don't mix these with dishes or wash anything with a wooden handle.

10. Potatoes- Benefit: Makes preparing large batches easier. Again place them on the top rack with a rinse-only cycle (no soap).

Give them a try tonight!

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