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Monday, February 13, 2012

:: Last Minute DIY Valentine's Day Gifts::

Here are a few quick and easy DIY gifts from our friends at Real Simple Magazine!

Crafty Custom Votive Holders

On your way home from work swing into a discount store and pick up a few plain glass votive holders, double sided tape, and some fun decorative paper (scrapbooking paper, wrapping paper, even magazine pages).  When you get home, cut the paper to strips of varying sizes.  Using the double sided tape, adhere the paper in fun patterns!  Tada, an instant custom gift that can add a touch of intimacy to any setting with a few votives or tea lights.
DIY Valentines Day Cards
Skip the impersonal, over priced cards found in drug stores and supermarkets.  Take a few moments to create a more thoughtful, creative card that has the ability to speak directly from your heart, not Hallmark's!  Pick up some heavy weight card stock, colored pipe cleaners, some buttons in assorted colors, and craft glue.  You can use the pipe cleaners to create words in cursive type such as "love" or "XOXO", glue this to your card, add a heartfelt note, and voila!  For another great card idea, glue the buttons into the shape of a heart on the cover a card for a cute crafty touch!
Chalkboard Picture Frame
Here a super cute gift idea! All you will need is an unfinished wooden picture frame (found at most craft stores), chalkboard paint (found in the paint section of your home improvement store and which can be tinted), and some chalk!  In a well ventilated area, paint the frame with the chalkboard paint.  Once dry, pop a favorite snap shot into the frame and add a sweet message to the frame itself with the chalk.  Pow!  An adorable personalized idea!
Enjoy these last minute ideas and may you have a Happy Valentine's Day with all of those you love!

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