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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Smirch, Smudge, Spatter- These Work No Matter!

Here are a few great at home stain removal tips for you slobs!

- Run an emery board over small, light stains on suede items.  The friction will whip away those minute smirches!

- For red wine spills on washable items, stretch the garment over a larger bowl or pan.  Next cover the stain with salt.  Finally, carefully pour boiling water over it.  The salt and water will help release the spatter!

- Spray aerosol hairspray on lipstick smudges and dab to remove.  Don't smear it!

- As you are ironing your shirts, sprinkle baby powder under the underarm and collar areas to help prevent sweat from seeping and staining.  Your white shirts will stay white and avoid those horrid yellow stains!

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