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Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Wonderful Warm Weather Entertaining Tips

With the warm weather approaching,  the team at CELEBRATE thought we would share some handy entertaining tips that a sure to spice up your spring and summer soirees!

First, Kathleen suggest that you think about location and be creative.  Anyone can have a bunch of people standing around the back yard.  Is that REALLY what you want as the host?   In other words create an atmosphere people will gossip about long after your event has ended!

Add some pizzazz to your pergola with this tip.  Take a string of inexpensive string lights and press each bulb through the bottom of a colorful cupcake wrapper.  This will add instant pop to your party!

Re-purpose your glass recyclables by 1) washing them out and removing the labels. 2) fill them  a third to a half way full with sand or small pebbles and 3) add candles.  Cluster them here and there around the yard to had a romantic, green touch to your gathering.

No one likes watered down iced coffee or tea so plan ahead and freeze tea and coffee into cubes.   This will keep your drinks cold and full flavored.  You can  also use this tip with cocktails.  Freeze mixers such as juice into cubes to keep the beverage's kick!

Who likes the smell of citronella candles?  A your next party, create centerpieces made from bunches of fresh basil.  The herb will naturally repel unwanted pests like mosquitoes!  They will look great and smell even better!

To put the quick chill on drinks like champagne, wine, or soda don't just place the bottles in ice alone.  Create a 50/50 mixture ice and water in your drink bin.  You'll get a faster chill this way, even on a hot Summer night!

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