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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

10 Tips For Better Looking Bouquets

From our friends at Real Simple Magazine, here are some great tips for getting the most bang out of your bouquet!

1.) "Think of cut flowers like ice cream."  They won't melt but they will begin to wilt quickly.  Be sure to head straight home after purchasing them.

2.) Mold and soap speed up the decaying process.  Make sure your vases and tools are clean!

3.) Remove leaves that fall below the waterline to ward off bacteria growth.

4.) You don't have to cut flowers under water.  Have your vase ready to go.  The difference in life span is minimal if anything.

5.) For wood stemmed blooms such as Lilacs, smash the ends with a hammer to help them take in more water.

6.) Flowers that come from bulbs such as tulips, gladiolas, etc do best in cold water.

7.) Don't mix daffodils with other flowers.  They produce a sap that is detrimental to other flowers.  If you must mix them with other blooms, you can soak them in water separately for a few hours.

8.) Force unopened flowers to bloom in minutes by placing in very warm tap water.

9.) Wilted flowers, especially  roses can be revived by submerging them in cold water for a few hours.

10.) Fresh flowers will look fresher longer by keeping them away from too much heat, too much sunlight, and too many drafts, hot or cold.

So now you can tiptoe through your tulips without trepidation!

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