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Sunday, July 28, 2013

Random Tip Round Up!!!

1.) Stop Loose Buttons in Their Tracks:  Avoid losing a button on your favorite button up shirts by coating the center of the buttons with a drop of clear nail polish.  Once it dries it will prevent the threads from fraying over time.  You can also tip unraveling ends of shoelaces in clear nail polish to seal them.

2.) Personalized Mugs In a Flash:  Adding a personal touch to your coffee cup has never been easier!  All you need is a plain, white, ceramic mug and a Sharpie marker.  Simply add your personalized message or design to the mugs exterior with the marker and bake in the oven at 350 degrees for 30 minutes!  Remember to hand wash the mug once personalized!  If you forget, no worries!  The worse that can happen is the design fades over time and you will simply need to touch it up and re-bake it!  The ideas are limitless!  Use a large array of colored Sharpie markers to make colorful designs.  These personalized mugs can make a great gift for friends and family!  They would make a stellar house warming present too!  Don't forget teachers too!

3.) Organize Your Kitchen Shelves In A Jiff:  Use a pair of short, spring loaded, adjustable tension rods to divide your shelves helping to coral all your platters, baking sheets, and cutting board vertically!  Remember, you'll need at least a pair for each division.

4.) Never Let Your House Plants Dry Out:  Breathe new life into old glass bottles by re-purposing them as watering globes!  Fill the bottles with water, invert them quickly, and stick them into the soil of your potted plants, hanging baskets, and container gardens.  Science and gravity will do the rest.  Refill as necessary.

5.) Clean Cut...Brownies:  To get a clean, crisp edge when cutting your next batch of brownies try using a disposable plastic knife while the brownies are still warm.  They will cut like butter!

6.) Don't Get Caught In A Sticky Situation:  Next time you find yourself with gum stuck on your clothing try this trick.  First remove the piece of clothing and place it in a sink or basin.  Boil some vinegar and pour it over the effected area while it is still hot.  Scrub vigorously and the gum should come off almost instantly! Use caution and common sense, don't burn yourself.

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