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Friday, March 2, 2012


"You shouldn't have pulled out so quickly!" Connie exclaimed.  Wendell was flustered from the accident.  He never saw the other car coming when he attempted to pull away from the curb and pull into traffic. A sub-compact going double the speed limit had sped by shearing off the the driver's side mirror.  The micro machine took the corner on two wheels that were no bigger a go-cart tired and was gone!  Shaken, Wendell and Connie looked at one another.  "This first date isn't turning out so great is it?" Connie lamented.  At that moment, an idea raced through her mind as quickly as Wendell raced into her heart.  Knowing having a mirror replaced would be a costly repair Connie said "Wendell, I have two words that will spice this date back up, DOLLAR STORE!".  Wendell's eyes widened and his pace maker buzzed.  This date was going to take a turn for the better and nothing got the both of them hotter in the compression hosiery than a good DIY project!  On the ride to the nearest dollar store, Connie explained her project.  She told her Boniva popping boy toy, she had seen the perfect temporary replacement for the missing mirror at the dollar store.  When they entered the store Connie made a b-line for a display of rectangular locker mirrors.  She picked one up and made her way to check out.  While waiting in line, she told Wendell they would also need to stop by a hardware store to pick up some Gorilla Glue Gorilla Tape to finish the project.  After the two collected all the supplies, they stopped in a parking lot to make the fix.  Wendell removed the dollar store locker mirror from its packaging and held it on the remains of the driver's side mirror.  Shaking with excitement (and an undiagnosed  nerve condition) Connie used the weather resistant tape to affix the mirror.  Tada, the car mirror was fixed!  "It should at least last you until you get your car inspected" Wendell said.  "Or until those cheapskate bosses give me my damn paycheck" Connie said with a chuckle.

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