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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

::Velcro A Go Go::

We were sitting around the office shooting the breeze with Connie and Wendell when one of one of our favorite topics/products came up, the ever versatile VELCRO!!!  We decided to propose a challenge, to brainstorm a list of the 19 best uses for Velcro!  The gauntlet was thrown and the battle began!

1.) Secure your cat or dog's food dishes to the floor/carpet!  No more (or at least a reduction of the) mess!
2.) Secure small, lightweight hand tools (aka hand saws, screwdrivers, hammers, etc) to the wall above your work bench!
3.) Secure decorative items or chotchkies to display shelves so they don't take a dive the next time your boyfriend slams the door on you (or vice versa).
4.) Secure wrap-style tops or skirts to prevent wardrobe malfunctions!
5.) To secure a reusable canvas or nylon bag to the inside of your car to serve as a trash bag.
6.) Secure your GPS or an envelope of maps (Christopher Columbus) to the dash!
7.) Use a small dot to create a breakaway cat collar to keep your kitties from hanging themselves.
8.) To secure decorative elements such as flowers to basic pumps (shoes for all you straight men).
9.) To secure your throw rug, welcome mat, or bath mat to the carpet/floor.
10.) De-clutter your desk by mounting your boxes of pens, pencils, paper clips, post-its, etc to the wall above or beside!
11.) Secure a flashlight to your bike for evening safety!
12.) Secure milk crates or boxes to the inside of your trunk to organize groceries or other items traveling in steerage.
13.) Is your belt too long, secure the extra yardage with a spot of Velcro to keep it looking clean and professional.
14.)  To secure your winter mittens or gloves together so you never have to hunt them down.  You could also mount a strip of Velcro on your mudroom wall and stick the gloves/mittens on this as you enter!
15.) Secure your dust pan to your closet or garage wall so you never misplace it.
16.) Stop slipping and sliding chair pads by affixing them to the chair with Velcro.
17.) To keep pictures from hanging crocked or askew.
18.) Affix kitchen towels to the a handy spot in your kitchen for easy storage and use.
19.) Secure your baby's dish to the high chair!

Connie's latest Ebay purchase!

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