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Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Pinterest Plucks

Here is an amazing idea that brought a tear to our eyes and a lump to our throats from our friends at Pinterest!

Fill a room with memories, literally!  This idea could be used for just about any occasion (engagement, birthday party, divorce, bat mitzvah, etc).

Things You Will Need:

Latex Balloons
Helium Tank
Photos or mementos from the honored guests life.

There are two ways to go about this, at least.

WAY 1 (Great for intimate occasions like an engagement or to announce your spouse you are expecting):

The host works alone and does all the work in terms of collecting the items, photos, etc.

WAY 2 (Great for more public events such as graduations, birthdays, or anniversaries):

The host asks/emails the guests and asks each of them to supply a memento or photo that will mean something to the person.  The host should supply a deadline for submissions.  Than the host puts the room together by inflating the balloons and attaching the items.  Then the guest can arrive and bob among the balloons squealing with surprise.

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